Universal Crossword February 3 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword February 3 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword February 3 2024 Answers:

Beware the Ides of ___ 5 letters MARCH
Bit of body art briefly 3 letters TAT
School org. 3 letters PTA
Hello singer 5 letters ADELE
That hurt! 4 letters OUCH
Kill 4 letters SLAY
Group of green panels 10 letters SOLARARRAY
Word after coffee or tea 4 letters CAKE
Go beyond 9 letters TRANSCEND
Chris of MSNBC 5 letters HAYES
___ ed 3 letters SEX
Goes back for more food say 10 letters HASSECONDS
Thing placed on a Hawaiian tourist 3 letters LEI
Sequence of photos in a movie 7 letters MONTAGE
Dish often served with peanut sauce 5 letters SATAY
Kvetch 5 letters WHINE
Teenage ruler of ancient Egypt 3 letters TUT
Some breakfast spots 5 letters IHOPS
Drink with an Orange Lavaburst flavor 3 letters HIC
Throws slangily 5 letters YEETS
Right away 3 letters NOW
Stitches together with yarn 5 letters KNITS
Covered in a green growth 5 letters MOSSY
Cosmetic surgery that removes bags 7 letters EYELIFT
Orange you glad for one 3 letters PUN
Kind of 17-Across made with three milks 10 letters TRESLECHES
Activity where you may be quite the character: Abbr. 3 letters RPG
Broadway productions 5 letters SHOWS
Dieter’s indulgence 9 letters CHEATMEAL
Primo ___ (author of If This Is a Man) 4 letters LEVI
Has some fun in the wind 10 letters FLIESAKITE
War god in the Iliad 4 letters ARES
Wet to the touch 4 letters DAMP
Arrested 5 letters RANIN
Part of mpg or mph 3 letters PER
I’m in ___! (Wow!) 3 letters AWE
Maker of the Supersonic hair dryer 5 letters DYSON
Sail holders 5 letters MASTS
Really love 5 letters ADORE
Chill! 5 letters RELAX
Scottish group 4 letters CLAN
Apt chocolate to share on Valentine’s Day? 12 letters HERSHEYSKISS
Rotates 5 letters TURNS
Ones doing paper work? 9 letters ACADEMICS
Know ___ enemy 3 letters THY
Kids’ meetups 9 letters PLAYDATES
Requires courage 9 letters TAKESGUTS
Sailors’ yeses 4 letters AYES
Minecraft resources 4 letters ORES
Barely enough 5 letters SCANT
Strawberry ___ lemonade (Starbucks drink) 4 letters ACAI
Sweet pungent spread 12 letters HONEYMUSTARD
Debate position 3 letters CON
Unit in track or swimming 3 letters LAP
Online craft marketplace 4 letters ETSY
Opposite/hypotenuse 4 letters SINE
Greeting to a matey 9 letters AHOYTHERE
Be much taller than 9 letters TOWEROVER
Hard seltzer with a black cherry flavor 9 letters WHITECLAW
Blackjack request 3 letters HIT
Many many years 3 letters EON
Jets’ org. 3 letters NFL
___ and Clark 5 letters LEWIS
Pair in a pod 4 letters PEAS
Doorbell sound 5 letters CHIME
Uriah of David Copperfield 4 letters HEEP
They hold horses back 5 letters REINS
Place for a suburban barbecue 5 letters PATIO
Actress Close 5 letters GLENN
Swat 4 letters SLAP
Is that alright? 4 letters MKAY
Org. that approves meds 3 letters FDA

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