Universal Crossword February 26 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword February 26 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword February 26 2024 Answers:

Went by bike say 4 letters RODE
It holds a sail 4 letters MAST
Pipe bend under a sink 5 letters PTRAP
Monumental 4 letters EPIC
Type of saxophone 4 letters ALTO
Catherine who played Moira Rose 5 letters OHARA
What not to talk about per a 1999 film (In this answer note the first 2 letters + the last letter) 9 letters FIGHTCLUB
Passover repast 5 letters SEDER
Glass or Gershwin 3 letters IRA
Go on longer than 7 letters OUTLAST
Certain browser (… first letter + the last 6 letters) 13 letters WINDOWSHOPPER
Revise as a bylaw 5 letters AMEND
Many many 6 letters LOTSOF
Infatuated 4 letters GAGA
Deck the Halls contraction 3 letters TIS
Recorded in the past 6 letters ONTAPE
One might be poached 3 letters EGG
Frog-to-be (… first 2 letters + the last 2) 7 letters TADPOLE
Letters used when amused 3 letters LOL
Spring or fall 6 letters SEASON
Contraception option briefly 3 letters IUD
Cashbox 4 letters TILL
Ancient Greek garments 6 letters TUNICS
Weasellike animal 5 letters SABLE
Some alarm systems’ objective (… first 2 letters + the last 5) 13 letters FIREDETECTION
Washing machine contents 7 letters LAUNDRY
Industrial container 3 letters VAT
End of the Greek alphabet 5 letters OMEGA
Pass the time lazily or a theme hint 9 letters LIEAROUND
Sire in the Bible 5 letters BEGET
Bird on a Canadian dollar 4 letters LOON
Muscat is its capital 4 letters OMAN
Dozer’s noise? 5 letters SNORE
Phoenix hoopsters 4 letters SUNS
Long narrative 4 letters SAGA
NBA official 3 letters REF
Infinite Shine nail polish brand 3 letters OPI
Put a spade to use 3 letters DIG
Spiny anteater 7 letters ECHIDNA
Colorful parrot 5 letters MACAW
___-or-nothing 3 letters ALL
Early Beatle Sutcliffe casually 3 letters STU
On top of that 6 letters TOBOOT
Defer 8 letters POSTPONE
Liberals informally 7 letters THELEFT
Under the ___ (unnoticed) 5 letters RADAR
Greek war god 4 letters ARES
Carburetor e.g. for a car 4 letters PART
Stepped (on) 4 letters TROD
Convinced to buy an add-on perhaps 6 letters UPSOLD
Employees’ income 5 letters WAGES
Word after spitting or mirror 5 letters IMAGE
Loving actress Ruth 5 letters NEGGA
Approached a base in a cloud of dust 4 letters SLID
End-of-life care program 7 letters HOSPICE
Leather worker 6 letters TANNER
Defendant’s excuse 5 letters ALIBI
Arroz con ___ 5 letters POLLO
Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy 5 letters ELLEN
Busy time for a roadie 8 letters TOURDATE
Remove from office 4 letters OUST
Scorpion feature 7 letters STINGER
Ink on skin 7 letters TATTOOS
Pastoral poems 6 letters IDYLLS
The Lion King villain 4 letters SCAR
Tierra del ___ 5 letters FUEGO
Captain America portrayer Chris 5 letters EVANS
High throws 4 letters LOBS
End of a prayer 4 letters AMEN
Debtor’s letters 3 letters IOU
Geological period 3 letters EON
Thurman of Batman & Robin 3 letters UMA
Get on someone’s case 3 letters NAG
Double-helix molecule 3 letters DNA

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