Universal Crossword February 25 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword February 25 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword February 25 2024 Answers:

Well kinda … 3 letters ISH
Zigs’ opposites 4 letters ZAGS
What turns 19 into 21? 5 letters DEUCE
___ boy! (Well done!) 4 letters ATTA
Treat with watermelon and cherry cola flavors 4 letters OREO
Congresswoman Omar 5 letters ILHAN
That MUST be a joke! 15 letters YOURENOTSERIOUS
Ripe part of life 6 letters OLDAGE
Road deicer 4 letters SALT
Stephanie of Joy Ride 3 letters HSU
Product samples 5 letters DEMOS
Drs. 3 letters MDS
Do you finally get it? 3 letters SEE
Writer Rand 3 letters AYN
Shoe bottom 4 letters SOLE
With all haste briefly 4 letters ASAP
Cartoonist Groening 4 letters MATT
Native of Colorado 3 letters UTE
Build up over time 5 letters AMASS
Can you really do it without getting into trouble? 15 letters ISTHATEVENLEGAL
Ones taking action 5 letters DOERS
Giant bird 3 letters EMU
Many Bahrainis’ Muslim sect 4 letters SHIA
Diving seabirds 4 letters AUKS
Human rights attorney Kenneth 4 letters ROTH
Genre played at raves 3 letters EDM
Lobbying grp. 3 letters PAC
React to great or awful news 3 letters CRY
Cape Town ___ Africa 5 letters SOUTH
That’s gross! 3 letters UGH
Hold on a sec … 4 letters WAIT
Backpacker’s stopover 6 letters HOSTEL
Features of capuchin monkeys 15 letters PREHENSILETAILS
1992 presidential candidate Ross 5 letters PEROT
Name that’s a fruit spelled backward 4 letters EMIL
Metal in a nugget 4 letters GOLD
Positive RSVPs 5 letters YESES
Short Instagram video 4 letters REEL
That in Tegucigalpa 3 letters ESO
Shoulda listened to me! 9 letters ITOLDYASO
Classroom apprentices 15 letters STUDENTTEACHERS
Forbidden in Islam 5 letters HARAM
Stops listening 8 letters ZONESOUT
Not prone to infatuation for short 3 letters ARO
I’m always amused by this 15 letters GETSMEEVERYTIME
Alas how tragic 5 letters SOSAD
Soil 4 letters DIRT
Two-time Super Bowl MVP Manning 3 letters ELI
I made a huge mess! 15 letters UHOHSPAGHETTIOS
Civil rights or conservation 5 letters CAUSE
Come next 5 letters ENSUE
The Bear actress Edebiri 3 letters AYO
They may clash in meetings 4 letters EGOS
Frozen queen 4 letters ELSA
In the thick of 4 letters AMID
Cellphone network letters 3 letters LTE
Name hidden in stands alone 3 letters SAL
Iowa home of Barilla’s first U.S. plant 4 letters AMES
By way of informally 4 letters THRU
Was welcoming in a way 9 letters SAIDHELLO
Shut dramatically 4 letters SLAM
Don’t hesitate to ___ 3 letters ASK
Moody genre 3 letters EMO
In a ___ … (To summarize …) 8 letters NUTSHELL
Read as a college student cramming for a test might 4 letters SCAN
Hilarious situation 4 letters HOOT
Young dog 5 letters PUPPY
Have the same opinion 5 letters AGREE
Choir platform 5 letters RISER
Gas meter measurement 5 letters USAGE
Makes moist 4 letters WETS
Trip taker’s aid? 3 letters LSD
Tool for breaking up soil 3 letters HOE
The dog ate my homework probably 3 letters LIE

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