Universal Crossword February 24 2024 Answers

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Universal Crossword February 24 2024 Answers:

That’s unfortunate! 3 letters SAD
Suffix with snooze or Oktober 4 letters FEST
CBS procedural 4 letters NCIS
Metaphorical fresh start 10 letters CLEANSLATE
___ mater 4 letters ALMA
Don’t do anything weird 10 letters ACTNATURAL
Drench 4 letters SOAK
Issue that’s no longer worth debating 9 letters MOOTPOINT
Marinara or pesto 5 letters SAUCE
Woodwind often made of brass for short 3 letters SAX
Finish 3 letters END
Digital greeting 5 letters ECARD
Employ 3 letters USE
Free at a legal firm 7 letters PROBONO
Accessible alternative to stairs 4 letters RAMP
People who don’t play it safe 10 letters DAREDEVILS
Terms of My Surrender singer John 5 letters HIATT
Apt rhyme for chop 3 letters LOP
Name that means born again 5 letters RENEE
Free at a restaurant 10 letters ONTHEHOUSE
The ___ is history! 4 letters REST
Atlantic Ocean informally 7 letters THEPOND
Rx writers 3 letters MDS
String with twisted strands 5 letters TWINE
What we breathe 3 letters AIR
Walgreens competitor 3 letters CVS
Beg 5 letters PLEAD
Device that generates sparks 9 letters TESLACOIL
Actress Cameron 4 letters DIAZ
Foolish person 10 letters SILLYGOOSE
Handfuls of mashed potatoes say in a food fight 4 letters AMMO
Part of D.C. with many diplomatic missions 10 letters EMBASSYROW
Meh 4 letters SOSO
Transition off breastfeeding 4 letters WEAN
r u ___? (rly?) 3 letters SRS
Con games 5 letters SCAMS
Company that produces aluminum 5 letters ALCOA
Cleanse casually 5 letters DETOX
Like some people’s gender identities 5 letters FLUID
Merit 4 letters EARN
Legislators in Sacramento or Salem informally 9 letters STATEREPS
___ Aviv 3 letters TEL
Vehicles exploring Mars or the moon 10 letters NASAROVERS
State of bliss 9 letters CLOUDNINE
Apple desktop 4 letters IMAC
Japanese rice wine 4 letters SAKE
Pantry invader 3 letters ANT
Backs of necks 5 letters NAPES
High on weed 6 letters STONED
Alternative to a foil or an epee 5 letters SABER
___ liver oil 3 letters COD
To a great extent colloquially 10 letters UPTHEWAZOO
Not ashamed 5 letters PROUD
World Cup chants 4 letters OLES
P in a sorority name 3 letters RHO
___ No Sunshine (Bill Withers song) 4 letters AINT
Groups with good problem-solving skills? 9 letters MATHTEAMS
Recharging period for an introvert 9 letters ALONETIME
___ in stone 3 letters SET
Unenthusiastic 5 letters TEPID
Babe 3 letters HON
___ List (PAC) 6 letters EMILYS
Takes fore-e-e-ever 5 letters DRAGS
The lion in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe 5 letters ASLAN
Budweiser rival 5 letters COORS
Item of headwear that doesn’t prevent a scalp sunburn 5 letters VISOR
Vast amounts 5 letters SLEWS
Smartphone predecessors: Abbr. 4 letters PDAS
Swanky ride 4 letters LIMO
Idris who was 2018’s Sexiest Man Alive 4 letters ELBA
Playfully shy 3 letters COY
Embroider e.g. 3 letters SEW

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