Universal Crossword February 23 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword February 23 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword February 23 2024 Answers:

Cap’s brim 5 letters VISOR
Ones whose pants are on fire? 5 letters LIARS
Hosp. intake areas 3 letters ERS
It comes before Chap. 1 5 letters INTRO
Balance sheet entry 5 letters ASSET
Parks and ___ (’09-’15 sitcom) 3 letters REC
Format as many an essay 11 letters DOUBLESPACE
De Armas of Knives Out 3 letters ANA
Lodging that might have a name like The Red Stag 3 letters INN
___ Vegas Raiders 3 letters LAS
Contented 7 letters PLEASED
Popular jeans 5 letters LEVIS
Journalistic org. since 1846 6 letters APNEWS
Next to 6 letters BESIDE
Worked at as a trade 5 letters PLIED
Washington or Ford 5 letters ACTOR
Occasion for a tuxedo or gown 9 letters PROMNIGHT
Better late ___ never 4 letters THAN
Humans are the only animals that have them 5 letters CHINS
Word after swap or swim 4 letters MEET
It’s heated geothermally 9 letters HOTSPRING
Full of suds 5 letters SOAPY
Gave out cards 5 letters DEALT
Multiple 6 letters PLURAL
Kindly perhaps … but not neighborly 6 letters ADVERB
Winter precipitation 5 letters SLEET
Method of teaching reading 7 letters PHONICS
Finale 3 letters END
Hoover or Roosevelt 3 letters DAM
City pest 3 letters RAT
Invitation information … or words that can follow each half of 17- 33- or 40-Across 11 letters DATEANDTIME
1952 campaign nickname 3 letters IKE
Gives the green light 5 letters OKAYS
Renter’s counterpart 5 letters OWNER
Young fella 3 letters LAD
Principle 5 letters TENET
Wild-___ chase 5 letters GOOSE
Middle of Caesar’s boast 4 letters VIDI
Aware of 4 letters INON
Phaser setting 4 letters STUN
Sphere 3 letters ORB
Feature of a burro but not a donkey? 7 letters ROLLEDR
Mango ___ (Indian drink) 5 letters LASSI
Verizon or Xfinity for short 3 letters ISP
Right now! 4 letters ASAP
Takes back 8 letters RECLAIMS
Make more inclined 7 letters STEEPEN
Clear as a chalkboard 5 letters ERASE
Library website button 5 letters RENEW
Tons (of) 5 letters SCADS
Icicle’s spot 4 letters EAVE
Yeah … that’s it for me 8 letters ANDIMOUT
Room full of angry constituents e.g. 8 letters LIONSDEN
Goes all out during a race 7 letters SPRINTS
Relaxing soak 4 letters BATH
Say the same thing as 4 letters ECHO
Baseball card datum 4 letters STAT
Pine (for) 4 letters LONG
Sussudio singer Collins 4 letters PHIL
One of 12 on some mountain bikes 4 letters GEAR
Air filter letters 4 letters HEPA
gtg see ya 4 letters TTYL
Maryland seafood item 8 letters CRABCAKE
Yellow-green gem 7 letters PERIDOT
Iditarod team member 7 letters SLEDDOG
New York’s ___ Station 4 letters PENN
Rainy month 5 letters APRIL
Capital of Bangladesh 5 letters DHAKA
Cast a ballot 5 letters VOTED
At the very ___ … 5 letters LEAST
Ollie’s partner in comedy 4 letters STAN
Source of a museum skeleton for short 4 letters DINO
Iowa State’s city 4 letters AMES
___ mortals 4 letters MERE
Word after stink or side 3 letters EYE
Only even prime number 3 letters TWO

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