Universal Crossword February 2 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword February 2 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword February 2 2024 Answers:

Stop talking! 3 letters SHH
Popular cooking spray 3 letters PAM
Spring ahead hrs. 3 letters DST
With 27-Across pretend to sing 3 letters LIP
The Raven writer 3 letters POE
Thurman of Kill Bill 3 letters UMA
H in Greek 3 letters ETA
___ to blame? 3 letters AMI
Aggressive Texas Hold’em cry 7 letters IMALLIN
Cardboard pastry protector 7 letters CAKEBOX
Competed against 7 letters RIVALED
Bob Marley song with the lyric Let’s get together and feel alright 7 letters ONELOVE
Justice Kagan 5 letters ELENA
Conclude 3 letters END
Name that’s also a month 5 letters APRIL
See 10-Across 5 letters SYNCH
Half the Truth is often a great ___ (Benjamin Franklin) 3 letters LIE
What Pirates may steal 5 letters BASES
Preserve one piece of chicken? 11 letters KEEPABREAST
One may be open-toed 6 letters SANDAL
Oak nuts 6 letters ACORNS
Gold in Grenada 3 letters ORO
Singer Lipa 3 letters DUA
Noah’s vessel 3 letters ARK
Winter driving hazard 3 letters ICE
Obscene 4 letters LEWD
Watches over 5 letters MINDS
Comedy show segment 4 letters SKIT
Wonderwall band 5 letters OASIS
___ de Janeiro 3 letters RIO
Clothing brand with a ? in its logo 5 letters GUESS
Thoroughly examine … or what 30-Across 4-Down and 9-Down do? 9 letters PICKAPART
Roman city preserved in ash 7 letters POMPEII
Great victory 7 letters TRIUMPH
Hard-boiled Chinese snacks 7 letters TEAEGGS
Five-story building e.g. 7 letters MIDRISE
Deal with 7 letters ADDRESS
Enters a hot tub say 7 letters EASESIN
Church toppers 6 letters SPIRES
Short sermon 6 letters HOMILY
Beats me! 11 letters HEAVENKNOWS
Pluck one cabbage at the supermarket? 9 letters PULLAHEAD
Friend in France 4 letters AMIE
Anti-apartheid activist Nelson 7 letters MANDELA
Cryptologist at times 7 letters DECODER
Lee of Marvel Comics 4 letters STAN
Draft one position in fantasy football? 9 letters TAKEABACK
Mass refusal to work 11 letters LABORSTRIKE
Apple video editor 6 letters IMOVIE
Dots on a digital image 6 letters PIXELS
Pierced surgically 6 letters LANCED
Texan border city 6 letters ELPASO
Pen tip 3 letters NIB
Purple hue that’s also a fruit 4 letters PLUM
Corn servings 4 letters EARS
Song without accompaniment 4 letters SOLO
Word before code or rug 4 letters AREA
CBS military series 4 letters NCIS
Complete collections 4 letters SETS
(Mwah!) 7 letters AIRKISS
Sign on some animal shelter cages 7 letters ADOPTME
Big or Little formation in the night sky 6 letters DIPPER
Actress Long 3 letters NIA
Medical stitch 6 letters SUTURE
Military blockade 5 letters SIEGE
Crossword diagrams 5 letters GRIDS
Smokes 4 letters CIGS
Opera 33-Down 4 letters ARIA
Bake sale grp. 3 letters PTA
U.K. reference work 3 letters OED
Seething 3 letters MAD
Start to read? 3 letters MIS
Air pump letters 3 letters PSI
Rooster’s mate 3 letters HEN

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