Universal Crossword February 10 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword February 10 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword February 10 2024 Answers:

Traditional Chinese New Year gift 11 letters REDENVELOPE
File that can be e-signed 3 letters PDF
Tea that’s black surprisingly 11 letters ORANGEPEKOE
Tool for loosening soil 3 letters HOE
Fluffy treat on a stick 11 letters COTTONCANDY
Number of time zones in China 3 letters ONE
Dolphin’s home 3 letters SEA
___ list (slate of chores) 4 letters TODO
… but maybe that’s wrong 5 letters ORNOT
Yeah sure! 4 letters IBET
More cautious 6 letters WARIER
Like done-up hair 6 letters STYLED
Stimulates as an appetite 5 letters WHETS
Came to light 5 letters AROSE
Sound effect in a well 4 letters ECHO
Veers one way 4 letters ZIGS
Mulan actress Yifei 3 letters LIU
They’re often seen in slow motion 7 letters REPLAYS
Greek consonant celebrated on 6/28 3 letters TAU
Ripped apart 4 letters TORE
Mediterranean or South Beach 4 letters DIET
Fails to mention 5 letters OMITS
Set of moral principles 5 letters ETHIC
Des ___ Iowa 6 letters MOINES
Paddled on a lake 6 letters CANOED
Olivia of The Predator 4 letters MUNN
Corporate rule 5 letters BYLAW
Tap to pay tech 4 letters RFID
Totally dominate 3 letters OWN
Sash for a yukata 3 letters OBI
Ranges for hunters? 11 letters SEARCHAREAS
___ culpa 3 letters MEA
Transporters of valuables 11 letters ARMOREDCARS
Reaction to the cold 3 letters BRR
Traditional Chinese New Year performance 11 letters DRAGONDANCE
___ Nation (Jay-Z’s entertainment company) 3 letters ROC
Winged love god 4 letters EROS
Palm fruit with an oblong pit 4 letters DATE
Necessitates 7 letters ENTAILS
CARE or Mercy Corps e.g. 3 letters NGO
Blew off steam 6 letters VENTED
Disney park that showcases 11 countries 5 letters EPCOT
Element with the symbol Pb 4 letters LEAD
Geez another problem?! 9 letters OKNOWWHAT
Pea or milkweed seed holder 3 letters POD
Pooh’s gloomy pal 6 letters EEYORE
Gives minimal effort 10 letters PHONESITIN
GoFundMe contributor 5 letters DONOR
They’re below ankles 4 letters FEET
Cracker brand 4 letters RITZ
Cold draft 4 letters BEER
Hi there fellow sailor! 4 letters AHOY
___ and pepper 4 letters SALT
The Chicks e.g. 4 letters TRIO
That’s just not true! 10 letters YOUREALIAR
Gladiator for one 9 letters EPICDRAMA
The Cavs on scoreboards 3 letters CLE
Slalom course marker 4 letters GATE
Figure (out) 4 letters SUSS
Bupkis actress Falco 4 letters EDIE
Just be patient 4 letters SOON
Volcano in Sicily 4 letters ETNA
Spanish island named for its comparatively small size 7 letters MINORCA
That’s a shame 6 letters HOWSAD
Marsh bird or a Toledo minor leaguer 6 letters MUDHEN
Prefix similar to e- 5 letters CYBER
Smaller than mini 5 letters MICRO
Box office bust 4 letters BOMB
Lily pad visitor 4 letters FROG
Gradually withdraw 4 letters WEAN
DEA agent 4 letters NARC
Make a mistake 3 letters ERR
Write in a postscript 3 letters ADD
Beijing-to-Shanghai dir. 3 letters SSE

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