Universal Crossword December 6 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword December 6 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword December 6 2023 Answers:

Say again 4 letters ECHO
Crypto art initialism 3 letters NFT
Havana’s land 4 letters CUBA
The French flag in Les Miserables for one 4 letters PROP
End of the NATO alphabet 4 letters ZULU
Right away! 4 letters ASAP
The Hawkeye State 4 letters IOWA
It uses only 1s and 0s 10 letters BINARYCODE
Bring up publicly as problematic behavior 7 letters CALLOUT
One nautical mile per hour 4 letters KNOT
Disco ___ (Simpsons character) 3 letters STU
In the center of 4 letters AMID
Cap worn on the slopes 6 letters SKIHAT
Sidewalk’s edge 4 letters CURB
The Buckeye State 4 letters OHIO
Opposite of nay 3 letters YEA
Inquires 4 letters ASKS
Authentic in slang 5 letters LEGIT
Cat’s joyful sound 4 letters PURR
Yields a profit 4 letters PAYS
Class you’ll surely pass 5 letters EASYA
Don’t bet ___! 4 letters ONIT
Way off in the distance 4 letters AFAR
Prickly plant 5 letters BRIAR
Poems of praise 4 letters ODES
Dream state: Abbr. 3 letters REM
Tendency 4 letters BENT
Other in Oaxaca 4 letters OTRA
Minor matter 6 letters TRIFLE
Word after went or whiskey 4 letters SOUR
Early PC maker 3 letters IBM
Start to pilot? 4 letters AUTO
Finger joint 7 letters KNUCKLE
Multiplied by four 10 letters QUADRUPLED
Churn 4 letters ROIL
Impulsive desire 4 letters URGE
___ I say more? 4 letters NEED
First chip in the poker pot 4 letters ANTE
Small bills 4 letters ONES
Insect that goes marching in a children’s song 3 letters ANT
Puzzle with an exit 4 letters MAZE
Very long movies 5 letters EPICS
Resident of Dubrovnik 5 letters CROAT
It’s good to be me right? (In this answer note letters 8-10) 11 letters HOWLUCKYAMI
Iridescent gemstone 4 letters OPAL
Woman who takes a vow of poverty 3 letters NUN
Strong criticism 4 letters FLAK
Steers a situation in a better direction (… letters 7-10) 13 letters TURNSITAROUND
Santa Fe plants 5 letters CACTI
Grp. that entertains troops 3 letters USO
Low-quality 3 letters BAD
Gibbon or gorilla 3 letters APE
Baked ___ (pasta dish) 4 letters ZITI
Canned albacore option (… letters 7-10) 13 letters BUMBLEBEETUNA
Conceptual artist Ono 4 letters YOKO
Rowboat propeller 3 letters OAR
Minds a mutt maybe 7 letters DOGSITS
Korean car named for a Hawaiian district (… letters 5-10) 11 letters HYUNDAIKONA
Hawk’s dwelling 5 letters AERIE
Small pies 5 letters TARTS
Space Race competitor for short 4 letters USSR
Yo! 4 letters HIYA
Not together 5 letters APART
Better protected 5 letters SAFER
Make as a salary 4 letters EARN
You ___ thing! 4 letters POOR
Out-of-focus image 4 letters BLUR
Show about Capote 3 letters TRU
Gets quieter as a song 5 letters FADES
Gave the thumbs-up to 4 letters OKED
Rush the quarterback 5 letters BLITZ
Free-for-all 5 letters MELEE
Unbox 4 letters OPEN
Pull an all-nighter say 4 letters CRAM
Status ___ 3 letters QUO
Caterer’s coffeepot 3 letters URN
Birthday candle count 3 letters AGE
Rent out 3 letters LET

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