Universal Crossword December 4 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword December 4 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword December 4 2023 Answers:

One getting hammered on a camping trip? 7 letters TENTPEG
Weekend Update show briefly 3 letters SNL
Abbr. after an old date 3 letters BCE
Creamy pasta sauce 7 letters ALFREDO
Little piggy 3 letters TOE
Snug as a bug in a ___ 3 letters RUG
Brooklyn Nine-Nine e.g. (paloma + cider) 11 letters POLICEDRAMA
0.0000001 joules 3 letters ERG
Campbell’s container 3 letters CAN
Sense of self 3 letters EGO
Use a surgical beam 4 letters LASE
Black cat to some 4 letters OMEN
Like burnt cookies (vodka + beer) 9 letters OVERBAKED
Abruptly focuses 7 letters SNAPSTO
TSA requirement starting in 2025 6 letters REALID
Abbr. that ends a list 3 letters ETC
Musician Brian or 61-Across backward 3 letters ENO
Hat with no brim 6 letters BEANIE
Eureka! 3 letters AHA
Green-eyed (ale + soju) 7 letters JEALOUS
Robin Roberts’ a.m. show 3 letters GMA
Some mythical sea creatures 6 letters MERMEN
First aid pro 3 letters EMT
Humanities degrees briefly 3 letters BAS
Bikes without pedaling 6 letters COASTS
Relieve as fears 7 letters ASSUAGE
Veteran (gin + merlot) 9 letters LONGTIMER
Ye ___ Shoppe 4 letters OLDE
Friend in France 4 letters AMIE
___ truck 3 letters TOW
Asset on a blockchain for short 3 letters NFT
Red or Dead 3 letters SEA
Throws cash in the air (sake + martini) 11 letters MAKESITRAIN
California’s Big ___ 3 letters SUR
Formula ___ racing 3 letters ONE
Luanda native 7 letters ANGOLAN
Choose 3 letters OPT
Gangnam Style singer 3 letters PSY
I didn’t do it! 7 letters WASNTME
Spigot 3 letters TAP
Chess ranking system 3 letters ELO
Org. for the Patriots 3 letters NFL
Upper arm muscle informally 6 letters TRICEP
Nuts in some pies 6 letters PECANS
Garden in Genesis 4 letters EDEN
Word on all U.S. coins 3 letters GOD
One prepping a house for showing 6 letters STAGER
What I said is final! 10 letters NOMOREBUTS
Actress Seydoux 3 letters LEA
TV series with the spinoff Better Call Saul 11 letters BREAKINGBAD
Deeply unsettling meme perhaps 11 letters CURSEDIMAGE
Encouraged with on 5 letters EGGED
Gun as an engine 3 letters REV
In ___ land (spaced) 4 letters LALA
Trying to succeed in hip-hop say 11 letters ONTHECOMEUP
What kindergartners use their elbows for? 11 letters MACARONIART
Actress Chaplin 4 letters OONA
Sweeties 4 letters BAES
Tailor’s line 4 letters SEAM
Heroes in a Cartoon Network series 10 letters TEENTITANS
Bullring cheer 3 letters OLE
Simplicity 4 letters EASE
Surely you ___! 4 letters JEST
Congresswoman Ilhan 4 letters OMAR
Dungeons & Dragons spell caster 4 letters MAGE
Fire-prevention bear 6 letters SMOKEY
Gingivitis has two of them 6 letters SOFTGS
Avengers: Age of ___ 6 letters ULTRON
Rodeo rope 5 letters LASSO
Female sheep 3 letters EWE
Jazz singer Simone 4 letters NINA
Unruly head of hair 3 letters MOP
Woodcutting tool 3 letters SAW
Ctrl-___-Del 3 letters ALT
Sam-___ 3 letters IAM
Direction opposite SSW 3 letters NNE

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