Universal Crossword December 3 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword December 3 2023 Answers:

Some roulette bets 4 letters ODDS
Novelist Harper 3 letters LEE
Read quickly 4 letters SCAN
Not a secret 5 letters KNOWN
State of mind 9 letters HEADSPACE
Coconutty Girl Scout cookie 5 letters SAMOA
Italian appetizer plates 9 letters ANTIPASTI
I’ve already answered that in office-speak 14 letters PERMYLASTEMAIL
Egg-cellent standard 6 letters GRADEA
Employ 3 letters USE
The L of L.A. 3 letters LOS
Freeze over 5 letters ICEUP
Like little stars? 5 letters DLIST
Area 51 sighting maybe 3 letters UFO
Better ___ (superior to) 4 letters THAN
Yes captain! 6 letters AYESIR
Part of a mosaic 4 letters TILE
The Powerpuff Girls e.g. 5 letters TRIAD
Wee 4 letters TINY
One-percenters 6 letters ELITES
Bits 4 letters TADS
Boxing ref’s ruling 3 letters TKO
What a chicken coop would be if it had four doors humorously 5 letters SEDAN
If ___ Street Could Talk (2018 film) 5 letters BEALE
Lil ___ & the East Side Boyz (crunk group) 3 letters JON
In times past 3 letters AGO
Weather the storm 6 letters ENDURE
Iris in Greek mythology 14 letters RAINBOWGODDESS
Nonstop flight? 9 letters ESCALATOR
Divided down the middle 5 letters INTWO
Bad thing to cross when committing a crime 9 letters STATELINE
Shy 5 letters TIMID
Linguistic feature of Cantonese and Cherokee 4 letters TONE
Was I right or was I right? 3 letters SEE
Internet sensation 4 letters MEME
Green-lights 3 letters OKS
What’ll show you what you’re made of? 10 letters DNAPROFILE
I need this huge favor … 10 letters DOMEASOLID
Weapon for many Tamora Pierce heroines 5 letters SWORD
Actress Headey of Imagine Me & You 4 letters LENA
Really savors 6 letters EATSUP
Uses Facetune say 5 letters EDITS
Inbox annoyance 4 letters SPAM
Mojo Dojo ___ House (Barbie living space) 4 letters CASA
First part of a play 4 letters ACTI
Singer Diamond 4 letters NEIL
Whatever you want! 6 letters NAMEIT
Evil computer in a 1968 film 3 letters HAL
Quite fast 6 letters SPEEDY
Posh pleasure boats 6 letters YACHTS
Muscles worked during hip thrusts informally 6 letters GLUTES
Music student’s asset 3 letters EAR
Join 5 letters UNITE
Court ruling? 3 letters LET
Am I the only one? 10 letters ISITJUSTME
Challenge for somebody thrown in the deep end in two senses 10 letters SINKORSWIM
Have a sample! 6 letters TRYONE
Befuddled 6 letters ADDLED
When will u get here? 3 letters ETA
Small battery 3 letters AAA
Empower 6 letters ENABLE
Fully commit in slang 6 letters SENDIT
Neckwear for Bill Nye 6 letters BOWTIE
Squad or relationship ideals 5 letters GOALS
Blue fabric in an infamous Britney Spears red-carpet look 5 letters DENIM
Take a nap say 4 letters REST
Regarding 4 letters ASTO
Happy to do it! 4 letters ICAN
Gossip Girl character Archibald 4 letters NATE
No longer here 4 letters GONE
A piece of one’s mine? 3 letters ORE
On lines? 3 letters ODE

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