Universal Crossword December 2 2023 Answers

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Universal Crossword December 2 2023 Answers:

Rotisserie rod 4 letters SPIT
Modern Family dad 4 letters PHIL
Cambridge sch. 3 letters MIT
Careful now 10 letters EASYDOESIT
Green precious stone 4 letters JADE
Calculations scribbled at a bar perhaps 10 letters NAPKINMATH
Idris in Marvel movies 4 letters ELBA
Like wines with the lowest sugar content: Var. 6 letters DRYEST
2010 Winter Olympics’ British Columbia resort 8 letters WHISTLER
Salon sound 4 letters SNIP
WSW’s opposite 3 letters ENE
Hog’s home 3 letters STY
Donkey 3 letters ASS
Tombstone lawman Wyatt 4 letters EARP
Flashy display 5 letters ECLAT
Peeps : Easter :: ___ : Halloween 9 letters CANDYCORN
Philosopher Descartes 4 letters RENE
South American animal that hums 5 letters LLAMA
Unaccounted for briefly 3 letters MIA
Guess in a jelly bean counting contest e.g. 5 letters ENTRY
Zoomed 4 letters SPED
High-tech luggage attachments 9 letters SMARTTAGS
Make sense 5 letters ADDUP
Perfect tennis serves 4 letters ACES
G in the C major scale 3 letters SOL
TV show saver 3 letters DVR
Hybrid bus. 3 letters LLC
Devices before smartphones for short 4 letters PDAS
Not gonna lie … 8 letters REALTALK
Luxury watchmaker 6 letters BULOVA
As a result 4 letters ERGO
You’re not the center of the universe! 10 letters NOONECARES
Commotions 4 letters ADOS
You could aptly sip Champagne while soaking in it 10 letters BUBBLEBATH
Family room 3 letters DEN
Nipple 4 letters TEAT
___ gin fizz 4 letters SLOE
Dispatch 4 letters SEND
Former Tonight Show host Jack 4 letters PAAR
Road trip guessing game 4 letters ISPY
Little ones 5 letters TYKES
Automaker that had a G6 model 7 letters PONTIAC
Skirt edge 3 letters HEM
Parent’s response to Did you watch my cool trick? 4 letters ISAW
Slim and graceful 5 letters LITHE
Commerce Clauses? 10 letters MALLSANTAS
It’s getting late for me 10 letters IDBETTERGO
About to cry 5 letters TEARY
Goofy sort of grown-up say? 11 letters DISNEYADULT
Your to Shakespeare 5 letters THINE
Hot tub feature 3 letters JET
Ingredient for success 11 letters SECRETSAUCE
All-important high school dances 5 letters PROMS
Knee part briefly 3 letters ACL
Green dip served with breakfast tacos 10 letters SALSAVERDE
Showy flower named for a fantasy creature 10 letters SNAPDRAGON
___ donna 5 letters PRIMA
Gave for a while 4 letters LENT
Privately contacted on Insta 4 letters DMED
Civil rights org. 5 letters NAACP
Monogram on a fancy purse 3 letters YSL
Part of an advanced karate student’s uniform 7 letters REDBELT
Morning-after pill brand 5 letters PLANB
Not look forward to 5 letters DREAD
Social sway 5 letters CLOUT
Hunks of fudge or cheese 5 letters SLABS
___ Estados Unidos 3 letters LOS
Japanese port city 4 letters KOBE
Like 44-Down 4 letters ORAL
Presidential rejection 4 letters VETO
Arthur ___ Stadium (tennis arena) 4 letters ASHE
Phoenix Suns’ org. 3 letters NBA

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