Universal Crossword December 1 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword December 1 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword December 1 2023 Answers:

Goody bag goody 5 letters FAVOR
The ___ (those who shall inherit the Earth) 4 letters MEEK
Air gun ammo 3 letters BBS
Aha! 6 letters IGETIT
Jaws boat 4 letters ORCA
Bumped into 3 letters MET
Landlord’s limitation (In this answer note letters 4 6 8 and 10) 11 letters RENTCONTROL
Just as I thought! 3 letters OHO
Childish comeback 6 letters DOESSO
At any point in history 4 letters EVER
Score such as 2-2 3 letters TIE
First openly gay man to hold public office in California (… letters 3 5 and 7) 10 letters HARVEYMILK
URL introduction for a locked web page 5 letters HTTPS
Pleased as punch 6 letters ELATED
Be a brat 5 letters ACTUP
Teakettle output 5 letters STEAM
Cry of disbelief (… letters 7 9 11 13 and 15) 15 letters WHATINTARNATION
Super funny people 5 letters RIOTS
Blackjack request 5 letters HITME
Aquafina competitor 6 letters DASANI
Sailing the ocean 5 letters ATSEA
Evian lids (… letters 3 5 and 7) 10 letters BOTTLECAPS
Grasshopper’s partner in an Aesop title 3 letters ANT
Perched on 4 letters ATOP
Made good on as a loan 6 letters REPAID
Glam rock? 3 letters GEM
Stretchy loop and a theme hint 11 letters ELASTICBAND
Inventor Whitney 3 letters ELI
It’s sometimes held at a deli 4 letters MAYO
Be on the brink of toppling 6 letters TEETER
Cousin of inc. 3 letters LLC
Olly olly ___ free 4 letters OXEN
Crock-Pot concoctions 5 letters STEWS
Certain Christmas tree 3 letters FIR
Store in a cask say 3 letters AGE
Blood feud 8 letters VENDETTA
A Man Called ___ (2022 Tom Hanks film) 4 letters OTTO
Paella ingredient 4 letters RICE
Word before mouth or boat 5 letters MOTOR
Flub 3 letters ERR
Environmental prefix 3 letters ECO
___-El (Superman’s birth name) 3 letters KAL
Schlocky film 6 letters BMOVIE
Gazed upon 6 letters BEHELD
Baby bird? 5 letters STORK
Peter who sang with Bob Marley 4 letters TOSH
Code crackers’ org. 3 letters NSA
911 responder for short 3 letters EMT
Microwave option 4 letters THAW
Intense desire 4 letters ITCH
Swerves 5 letters VEERS
Zest 4 letters ELAN
Motorcycle brand 6 letters YAMAHA
___ a lid on it! 3 letters PUT
Well-tossed football 6 letters SPIRAL
Unaffected by feelings seemingly 5 letters STOIC
37-Down for ___ 3 letters TAT
Highest number in Sudoku 4 letters NINE
___ for 34-Down 3 letters TIT
See you then! 8 letters ITSADATE
Breaking a mirror some say 4 letters OMEN
Straight at a bar 4 letters NEAT
Please continue … 6 letters DOTELL
___ bomb (Oppenheimer subject) 6 letters ATOMIC
Indy 500 sponsor 3 letters STP
Roll with a hole 5 letters BAGEL
Fiery act of insurance fraud 5 letters ARSON
Cat or dog 3 letters PET
Barbecue bar 4 letters SPIT
Scores 100% on 4 letters ACES
Yeah right 4 letters IBET
Offshoot of punk 3 letters EMO
Lenient 3 letters LAX
Agreement with the captain 3 letters AYE
Right out of the box 3 letters NEW
J and Phil 3 letters DRS

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