Universal Crossword April 5 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword April 5 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword April 5 2024 Answers:

Unadorned 4 letters BARE
Flex 4 letters BEND
Flourish 5 letters BLOOM
First fratricide victim 4 letters ABEL
It’s spiky yet soothing 4 letters ALOE
Author Ingalls Wilder 5 letters LAURA
One running in fashionable circles 9 letters SOCIALITE
Complete and total 5 letters UTTER
Interrogate Zuckerberg? 12 letters QUESTIONMARK
I can’t ___ that! (response to a gross image) 5 letters UNSEE
Ray guns’ rays maybe 8 letters IONBEAMS
Newsroom VIPs 3 letters EDS
Leprechaun who’s a cereal mascot 5 letters LUCKY
Corp. head honcho 3 letters CEO
Daring poker statement 6 letters IRAISE
Tear transmitters 5 letters DUCTS
With 37-Across hugely inflate price estimates? 6 letters DOUBLE
See 36-Across 6 letters QUOTES
Mothers’ sisters 5 letters AUNTS
Mollusk often served in a white wine sauce 6 letters MUSSEL
Letters before a pseudonym 3 letters AKA
Tissue layers 5 letters PLIES
Clean Air Act org. 3 letters EPA
Cherished 8 letters HELDDEAR
Deck with wands 5 letters TAROT
Send along Kirk x Spock fanfic say? 12 letters FORWARDSLASH
Measured poker statement 5 letters ICALL
Infiltrate as a spy 9 letters SNEAKINTO
Righteous 5 letters MORAL
They may be long on the underdog 4 letters ODDS
Father of 14-Across 4 letters ADAM
63-Across and others 5 letters POETS
Ogden who wrote The cow is of the bovine ilk; One end is moo the other milk 4 letters NASH
Shoe part or a fish 4 letters SOLE
From a region on Spain’s border 6 letters BASQUE
Teem 6 letters ABOUND
Music played as the clergy exit 11 letters RECESSIONAL
Renee ___ Goldsberry 5 letters ELISE
Indonesian island 4 letters BALI
Call Me by Your Name protagonist 4 letters ELIO
Like a bully 7 letters NOTNICE
Decree to pass muster 6 letters DEEMOK
Book jacket summary 5 letters BLURB
I love you a ___ (Hanukkah card pun) 5 letters LATKE
Openly queer 3 letters OUT
Mine material 3 letters ORE
Damage 3 letters MAR
Put away some groceries? 3 letters ATE
___ which way 3 letters ANY
Gradually speeding up in music 11 letters ACCELERANDO
New York baseball players 4 letters METS
. . . – – – . . . 3 letters SOS
Short informally 3 letters LIL
Application 3 letters USE
Place to get stuck 3 letters RUT
Six-pack components 3 letters ABS
MS-___ 3 letters DOS
Tribe for which a Western state is named 3 letters UTE
Ellington of jazz 4 letters DUKE
___ pasa? 3 letters QUE
Naval letters 3 letters USS
Vocalization at the dentist’s 3 letters AAH
___ rights (suspect’s protections) 7 letters MIRANDA
Part of rpm 3 letters PER
Food writer Nigella 6 letters LAWSON
Part of USPS 6 letters POSTAL
Not out and about 6 letters ATHOME
C sharp by another name 5 letters DFLAT
Barbie and G.I. Joe 5 letters DOLLS
Reproachful sound 3 letters TSK
Secret identity 5 letters ALIAS
Scarlet and vermilion 4 letters REDS
Crush as hopes 4 letters DASH
Little devil 3 letters IMP
Dove call 3 letters COO
Verb that sounds like its second letter 3 letters ARE

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