Universal Crossword April 4 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword April 4 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword April 4 2024 Answers:

Modern Family actress Hyland 5 letters SARAH
Made a web 4 letters SPUN
Italian lake known for luxurious villas 4 letters COMO
Houston slugger 5 letters ASTRO
Darn it! 4 letters HOLE
Like spoken defenses 4 letters ORAL
Third ___ (date tagalong) 5 letters WHEEL
Voice below soprano 4 letters ALTO
It can be changed or made up 4 letters MIND
Most common flight conveyance? 12 letters AIRPLANEMODE
Kitchenware brand 3 letters OXO
About to pop 3 letters DUE
Bible book with the most verses 6 letters PSALMS
Central place to make a landing? 11 letters MEDIANSTRIP
Is in Latin 3 letters EST
Friend’s opposite 5 letters ENEMY
Body art dye 5 letters HENNA
Discovery org. 4 letters NASA
What has hands and a face but no body 5 letters CLOCK
British fellow 4 letters CHAP
Red green or blue 5 letters COLOR
Face down 5 letters PRONE
Kitty’s cry 3 letters MEW
Average thoroughfares? 11 letters MEANSTREETS
Goddess after whom Greece’s capital is named 6 letters ATHENA
Excessively 3 letters TOO
Six games maybe in tennis 3 letters SET
Difference between the shortest and longest possible ways to go by car? 12 letters DRIVINGRANGE
British bud 4 letters MATE
Fur for a cat 4 letters COAT
Bob Marley religiously 5 letters RASTA
Idyllic garden 4 letters EDEN
Strongly encourage 4 letters URGE
Queried 5 letters ASKED
Google thermostat 4 letters NEST
Shirts shot from cannons 4 letters TEES
We Have the ___ (Arby’s slogan) 5 letters MEATS
Horror franchise or a tool 3 letters SAW
Byproduct of an eruption 3 letters ASH
GPS calculation 3 letters RTE
Length x width for a rectangle 4 letters AREA
Easter for one 7 letters HOLIDAY
Geometry lesson for a toddler 6 letters SHAPES
Gallup offering 4 letters POLL
Sephora competitor 4 letters ULTA
Certain bright hue 8 letters NEONPINK
5 letters COMMA
Baltimore slugger 6 letters ORIOLE
Brand with spokescandies 6 letters MANDMS
Like Kourtney among the Kardashian sisters 6 letters OLDEST
Manage 3 letters RUN
SportsCenter channel 4 letters ESPN
Harbinger 4 letters OMEN
TV princess who wields the chakram 4 letters XENA
Poets’ tributes 4 letters ODES
Thin desktop computer 4 letters IMAC
Point on a stem 5 letters THORN
Button for taping a TV show 3 letters REC
One of 100 in Pooh’s wood 4 letters ACRE
Presentable 8 letters CLEANCUT
Mauna ___ 3 letters LOA
Weeding tools 4 letters HOES
Start a pot 4 letters ANTE
Exterminator’s target 4 letters PEST
Ritz-Carlton rival 4 letters OMNI
Write in code maybe 7 letters PROGRAM
AMC drama set in the ’60s 6 letters MADMEN
Financial firm with an asterisk in its name 6 letters ETRADE
Alternatives to reds 6 letters WHITES
Parts of Mexico but not Canada 6 letters STATES
Large unit of weight 3 letters TON
Caterer’s job 5 letters EVENT
Violent movie feature 4 letters GORE
All the ___ (trendy) 4 letters RAGE
Soothe 4 letters EASE
Jamaican music genre 3 letters SKA
Vietnamese celebration 3 letters TET
Promos 3 letters ADS

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