Universal Crossword April 30 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword April 30 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword April 30 2024 Answers:

From that time 5 letters SINCE
Michael who played Allan in Barbie 4 letters CERA
Celebratory online acronym 3 letters FTW
It can’t be! 5 letters NOWAY
CFO or CTO 4 letters EXEC
Possibly purple flower 4 letters IRIS
Cognizant (of) 5 letters AWARE
*What someone born to two scuba instructors has? 9 letters DIVERGENE
Cat in Spanish 4 letters GATO
Responsibilities that are worn 4 letters HATS
Eighth of a cup 5 letters OUNCE
Hearsay 5 letters RUMOR
Trade without money 6 letters BARTER
Word after broom or supply 6 letters CLOSET
Home … or a building material if you swap its consonants 5 letters ABODE
Actor Grint 6 letters RUPERT
British bathroom 3 letters LOO
Whole bunch 4 letters SLEW
Sauna sound 3 letters AAH
Device hinting at the directions that were added to the starred clues’ answers 7 letters COMPASS
And you ___? 3 letters ARE
Believes as an excuse 4 letters BUYS
I forgot the Duff Beer! 3 letters DOH
Throat feature 6 letters TONSIL
Most populous country 5 letters INDIA
On cloud nine 6 letters ELATED
He clears the tables 6 letters BUSBOY
Cook under high heat 5 letters BROIL
Come in! 5 letters ENTER
Delights 4 letters JOYS
Colorado ski resort 4 letters VAIL
*Nap in the hive? 9 letters SWARMREST
With 61-Down pink British toon 5 letters PEPPA
Actress Polo or Hatcher 4 letters TERI
Inactive 4 letters IDLE
I don’t mind 5 letters ITSOK
Org. with narcotics detection dogs 3 letters DEA
Blurbs inside back covers 4 letters BIOS
Canada ___ (wild birds) 5 letters GEESE
Minor hiccup 4 letters SNAG
Location within radio waves 4 letters IOWA
*Grammy for Straight Outta Compton? 9 letters NWATROPHY
Paint the town red 7 letters CAROUSE
Organ with a lens 3 letters EYE
Fragrant wood 5 letters CEDAR
Type of interview or poll 4 letters EXIT
Cranks (up) 4 letters REVS
Desirable blackjack card 3 letters ACE
Makes sense 7 letters FIGURES
1545-’63 council site 5 letters TRENT
Grimace 5 letters WINCE
Tarot reader 4 letters SEER
Parkway e.g. 4 letters ROAD
Warm cocktail 8 letters HOTTODDY
Paid soldier for short 4 letters MERC
They can support your school or immune system 8 letters BOOSTERS
King crustacean 4 letters CRAB
Gathering where you might hear Aloha ‘Oe 4 letters LUAU
___ Centauri 5 letters ALPHA
Neckwear named after a reptile 3 letters BOA
*Most recent error in judgment? 9 letters LASTLAPSE
New York canal 4 letters ERIE
Attach with a blowtorch 4 letters WELD
French for me 3 letters MOI
Like a homer with the bases empty 4 letters SOLO
Russian tundra’s region 7 letters SIBERIA
Innocence 7 letters NAIVETE
Social standard 4 letters NORM
Outdo 4 letters BEST
Not yet hitched 5 letters UNWED
Icy look 5 letters STARE
Memory units 5 letters BYTES
Rey or Yoda 4 letters JEDI
Norwegian home of the Munch Museum 4 letters OSLO
NYSE debuts 4 letters IPOS
Caspian or Dead Sea oddly 4 letters LAKE
Umbrella support 3 letters RIB
See 61-Across 3 letters PIG

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