Universal Crossword April 3 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword April 3 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword April 3 2024 Answers:

Scottish musician maybe 5 letters PIPER
Loops in on an email 3 letters CCS
British nobles 5 letters LORDS
Company that made Breakout 5 letters ATARI
Key near Ctrl 3 letters ALT
Star Trek lieutenant 5 letters UHURA
Channel with a Capitol Hill HQ 5 letters CSPAN
Not near 3 letters FAR
2023 prize for Anne L’Huillier 5 letters NOBEL
Lowest digit? 3 letters TOE
___ Gravity (Wicked song) 7 letters DEFYING
Hon 3 letters BAE
Ride the waves 4 letters SURF
Animated pig whose name sounds like a seasoning 5 letters PEPPA
Turquoise and topaz 4 letters GEMS
Smart TV brand 3 letters RCA
Thin openings 5 letters SLITS
Chi-Town hub 3 letters ORD
Aleppo’s nation 5 letters SYRIA
Time of your life? 3 letters AGE
Newspapers and such 5 letters MEDIA
Valentine symbol 5 letters HEART
Drink that might contain boba 3 letters TEA
Ordinary 5 letters USUAL
Cats actor McKellen 3 letters IAN
Process that produces daughter cells 7 letters MITOSIS
___-Magnon 3 letters CRO
2D geometry calculation 4 letters AREA
Basic belief 5 letters TENET
Terrier type 4 letters SKYE
Actress Salonga 3 letters LEA
Green prefix 3 letters ECO
Fancy! 7 letters OOHLALA
Thanks amiga! 7 letters GRACIAS
There! Standing by the swimming pool on one foot … Wait is that a ___? 15 letters PLASTICFLAMINGO
Overhang 4 letters EAVE
Influencer’s sway 5 letters CLOUT
Hairstyle you might pick 4 letters AFRO
Kremlin veto 4 letters NYET
Don’t like it? Tough! 5 letters SUEME
Library transaction 4 letters LOAN
Pinkie promises say 5 letters PACTS
We’re winning this season! 10 letters ITSOURYEAR
There! Sitting on the craft table with the crisply folded wings … Wait is that a ___? 10 letters PAPERCRANE
Chapter of history 3 letters ERA
Thick peel 4 letters RIND
Espresso drink 10 letters CAFFELATTE
There! Arcing through the sky with the round red figure … Wait is that a ___? 10 letters CLAYPIGEON
Magic Mike performance 10 letters STRIPTEASE
Breathing organ 4 letters LUNG
Cry of surprised delight 3 letters OHO
There! Floating on the sudsy water with the orange beak … Wait is that a ___? 10 letters RUBBERDUCK
Log of a time out? 10 letters DREAMDIARY
Department with quotas 5 letters SALES
Short musical releases for short 3 letters EPS
Lil ___ X 3 letters NAS
County event with pig races 4 letters FAIR
Comes and ___ 4 letters GOES
Branch of Islam 4 letters SHIA
$20 bill dispenser 3 letters ATM
Greek M’s 3 letters MUS
Sunburn soother 4 letters ALOE
Writing with a slant? 7 letters ITALICS
Repeat 7 letters ITERATE
Ready to go 6 letters ALLSET
___ butterfly 6 letters SOCIAL
Devour 3 letters EAT
Video taker for short 3 letters CAM
Unwrap 4 letters OPEN
Skin care brand 4 letters OLAY
Possess 4 letters HAVE
Know your rights org. 4 letters ACLU
Down in the dumps 4 letters GLUM
Deets 4 letters INFO
Indian city that anagrams to raga 4 letters AGRA
In a moment 4 letters SOON
Enemy 3 letters FOE

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