Universal Crossword April 27 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword April 27 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword April 27 2024 Answers:

Regular guy? 4 letters BEAU
Daddy in Spanish 4 letters PAPI
Tardy 4 letters LATE
Tingle-inducing genre of videos: Abbr. 4 letters ASMR
Hertz competitor 4 letters AVIS
Flowers singer Cyrus 5 letters MILEY
Volunteer’s words 4 letters ICAN
Complain at length 4 letters RANT
Speak aloud 5 letters UTTER
Looney Tunes devil for short 3 letters TAZ
Guilt felt by an eco-conscious traveler in modern lingo 11 letters FLIGHTSHAME
Condiment with a secret recipe 12 letters SPECIALSAUCE
Wood for black piano keys 5 letters EBONY
___ da (Vietnamese iced tea) 3 letters TRA
Corp. money manager 3 letters CFO
___ stomping (step in wine making for some) 5 letters GRAPE
Compost or fertilizer 9 letters PLANTFOOD
Small mammal known for digging 4 letters MOLE
Eurasian mountain range 5 letters URALS
Regulation 4 letters RULE
Chilly period 9 letters COLDSPELL
Backs into a spot perhaps 5 letters PARKS
Texting letters 3 letters SMS
Many ’90s music store purchases 3 letters CDS
Bowler’s final frame 5 letters TENTH
Eatery that lacks a dining room 12 letters GHOSTKITCHEN
System for online messages 11 letters EMAILSERVER
Gold in Guadalajara 3 letters ORO
Have a cow? 5 letters CALVE
Ran out of battery 4 letters DIED
Beach volleyball teams e.g. 4 letters DUOS
Romanian tennis star Simona 5 letters HALEP
The one and ___ 4 letters ONLY
That makes sense 4 letters ISEE
U.A.E. neighbor 4 letters OMAN
Egyptian river 4 letters NILE
Hot ___ (total wreck slangily) 4 letters MESS
Tempts 5 letters BAITS
Site of a team-building activity that may be hard to get out of 10 letters ESCAPEROOM
So freakin’ awesome! 10 letters AMAZEBALLS
Barista’s dispenser 3 letters URN
Bet with previous winnings 6 letters PARLAY
To no ___ 5 letters AVAIL
Notification sounds 5 letters PINGS
Have we covered everything? 9 letters ISTHATALL
Like a contortionist 5 letters LITHE
Utah ski town 4 letters ALTA
Overflow (with) 4 letters TEEM
Literary heroine Jane 4 letters EYRE
Capital of 56-Across 6 letters MUSCAT
All right 4 letters FINE
Opportunities to play 5 letters TURNS
Handled hardship 5 letters COPED
Place to bring a suit 10 letters COURTHOUSE
Subjects of some local legends 10 letters FOLKHEROES
Poems of praise 4 letters ODES
Hummers e.g. 4 letters GMCS
Endured 9 letters PRESSEDON
LeBron James’ team on scoreboards 3 letters LAL
Capital of Switzerland? 5 letters FRANC
Beehives and braided buns 5 letters UPDOS
Haul informally 6 letters SCHLEP
Czech prime minister Fiala 4 letters PETR
T-shirt coloring method 6 letters TIEDYE
I’ve ___ it my best shot 5 letters GIVEN
___ Kwan Yellow Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 5 letters TRINI
Burst with pride 5 letters KVELL
Front parts of planes 5 letters NOSES
Sound effect in a large empty space 4 letters ECHO
Palindromic address 4 letters MAAM
Penne ___ vodka 4 letters ALLA
Faint as light 3 letters DIM

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