Universal Crossword April 26 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword April 26 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword April 26 2024 Answers:

Happy mollusk 4 letters CLAM
Kind of pit at some concerts 4 letters MOSH
Cuban cheddar? 4 letters PESO
Game of Thrones actress Chaplin 4 letters OONA
Feels sick 4 letters AILS
To ___ their own 4 letters EACH
*Keeping watch –> Antagonizing online 10 letters PATROLLING
Make shorter 4 letters TRIM
Most frequent letters in cinnamon 3 letters ENS
Classic murder mystery board game 4 letters CLUE
80s pop star Rick 6 letters ASTLEY
Believer in a nonintervening god 5 letters DEIST
*Purchasing beforehand –> Feeding (on) as a predator 9 letters PREPAYING
Moves informally 5 letters RELOS
Winter hrs. in New Mexico 3 letters MST
Prefix with friendly 3 letters ECO
Sold-out show letters 3 letters SRO
In that case … 4 letters IFSO
Ran on TV 5 letters AIRED
*Child-rearing –> Living as a tenant 9 letters PARENTING
Acts sad 5 letters MOPES
Troubles 4 letters WOES
Ad-___ (improvise) 3 letters LIB
Here in Paris 3 letters ICI
Wrath 3 letters IRE
E.T. ___ home 5 letters PHONE
*Lost all hope –> Craved 9 letters DESPAIRED
Sum 5 letters TOTAL
Lin-Manuel Miranda e.g. 6 letters LATINO
Pirate’s booty 4 letters LOOT
Mined material 3 letters ORE
Can I let you ___ a secret? 4 letters INON
Humorous nickname for a raccoon … or when parsed differently a hint to understanding the starred clues’ answers 10 letters TRASHPANDA
Informant 4 letters FINK
Agenda bit 4 letters ITEM
Sneak ___ 4 letters PEEK
Not difficult 4 letters EASY
Nickname related to Liz 4 letters BESS
Whirlpool 4 letters EDDY
*Like most college dorms 5 letters COPED
*Socially distant types 7 letters LOANERS
More restless 7 letters ANTSIER
Mo. before April 3 letters MAR
Shopping center 4 letters MALL
Prepare to shine at Ms. Olympia say 5 letters OILUP
More cunning 5 letters SLIER
QVC alternative 3 letters HSN
Trivial 5 letters PETTY
Like breakfast vis-a-vis second breakfast and elevenses 7 letters EARLIER
STEM part 7 letters SCIENCE
Holy guacamole! 7 letters OHMYGOD
Prefix meaning eight 4 letters OCTO
*It’s illegal to pump your own in New Jersey 4 letters GAPS
*Marvel Comics legend Lee 5 letters SATAN
*___ gin fizz 5 letters SLOPE
Overact 5 letters EMOTE
Title for Ian McKellen 3 letters SIR
Not as many 5 letters FEWER
___-Caps (movie theater treat) 3 letters SNO
It’s a cool house! 5 letters IGLOO
*Gluttony e.g. 5 letters ASIAN
Spectrum for one: Abbr. 3 letters ISP
Period for an age-related crisis it’s said 7 letters MIDLIFE
Australia’s region 7 letters OCEANIA
Detroit NBA players 7 letters PISTONS
Chanted 7 letters INTONED
Like some dragons or wizards 7 letters BEARDED
Real hoot 4 letters RIOT
URL starter 4 letters HTTP
*Pitch-black 5 letters PINKY
Delight 5 letters ELATE
Medicinal amounts 5 letters DOSES
Like a broken faucet maybe 5 letters LEAKY
Electrical resistance units 4 letters OHMS
Saucy barbecue morsel 3 letters RIB
Gorilla or orangutan 3 letters APE

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