Universal Crossword April 24 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword April 24 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword April 24 2024 Answers:

What an invertebrate lacks 5 letters SPINE
Greek sandwich 4 letters GYRO
Get a ___! (Relax!) 4 letters GRIP
Have pizza delivered say 5 letters EATIN
Neighbor of Yemen 4 letters OMAN
Aladdin parrot 4 letters IAGO
Hosting informally 5 letters MCING
Amino ___ 4 letters ACID
Furrowed facial feature 4 letters BROW
*What some say about stage one 14 letters ITSJUSTANUMBER
Swiss peak 3 letters ALP
Even score 3 letters TIE
Inquire 3 letters ASK
*Skin tone charts 11 letters FAMILYTREES
Desserts consumed on March 14 fittingly 4 letters PIES
2017 Disney film set during Dia de los Muertos 4 letters COCO
Name of a book 5 letters TITLE
Harvest 4 letters REAP
Gives off 5 letters EMITS
Hit the mall say 4 letters SHOP
Bellybutton type prone to collecting lint 5 letters INNIE
Drug featured in Breaking Bad 4 letters METH
Arizona tribe whose name means peaceful person 4 letters HOPI
*Stallone is often found here 11 letters LAUNDRYROOM
Whale’s home 3 letters SEA
Tinder blurb 3 letters BIO
Nintendo console released in 2006 3 letters WII
Unchangeable … and like one word within each starred clue that’s been obscured 14 letters WRITTENINSTONE
Watch this! 4 letters LOOK
Thing 4 letters ITEM
Mayhem 5 letters HAVOC
Pot grower? 4 letters ANTE
When Harry Met Sally… writer Ephron 4 letters NORA
Memorable battleground in Texas 5 letters ALAMO
Hits the slopes 4 letters SKIS
___ 500 (auto race) 4 letters INDY
Traffic cone 5 letters PYLON
18-wheeler 4 letters SEMI
Formal agreement 4 letters PACT
No lie! 4 letters ITIS
Stealthy Japanese assassin 5 letters NINJA
Immerse completely 6 letters ENGULF
Milk source for some cheeses 4 letters GOAT
Community pool org. 4 letters YMCA
Umbrella weather 4 letters RAIN
Actively working 6 letters ONDUTY
Gobbledygook 9 letters GIBBERISH
Uncommon 4 letters RARE
Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant 4 letters IGOR
(Bam!) 3 letters POW
The final frontier 5 letters SPACE
2012 U.S. presidential candidate Romney 4 letters MITT
Earth Day’s month 5 letters APRIL
Tuscan city whose name anagrams to anise 5 letters SIENA
The Matrix star Reeves 5 letters KEANU
Daddy’s co-parent maybe 5 letters MOMMY
More unfriendly 5 letters ICIER
Game with a jackpot 5 letters LOTTO
Community spirit 5 letters ETHOS
Wed secretly 5 letters ELOPE
Old-timey photo tone 5 letters SEPIA
Exercise machines that are pedaled 9 letters SPINBIKES
Displayed 5 letters SHOWN
Get rid of typos say 4 letters EDIT
Twisty-shaped pasta 6 letters ROTINI
Minor blunder 6 letters MISHAP
Country surrounding Vatican City 5 letters ITALY
Policy expert 4 letters WONK
Indian flatbread 4 letters ROTI
English prep school 4 letters ETON
Geek (out) 4 letters NERD
Still considering it 4 letters IMAY
Racetrack shape 4 letters OVAL
Baseball great Hideo 4 letters NOMO
Subj. concerned with financial trends 4 letters ECON
___ Vegas 3 letters LAS

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