Universal Crossword April 2 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword April 2 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword April 2 2024 Answers:

Brief message 4 letters MEMO
Value 5 letters WORTH
Chain of movie theaters 3 letters AMC
Car rental company 4 letters AVIS
Greetings from Hawaii 6 letters ALOHAS
Military conflict 3 letters WAR
When two fairly matched giraffes raced they were … 11 letters NECKANDNECK
Whichever 3 letters ANY
Like a walkie-talkie that’s close enough 7 letters INRANGE
Winter excursion 7 letters SKITRIP
Surgeons’ spots for short 3 letters ORS
When two fairly matched zombies raced it was a … 8 letters DEADHEAT
Fishing implement 3 letters ROD
Farmland measurement 4 letters ACRE
Airport security org. 3 letters TSA
I caught you! 3 letters OHO
Gave a call 4 letters RANG
Well-organized 4 letters NEAT
When two fairly matched rock climbers raced victory was … 15 letters WITHINARMSREACH
Slugger Sammy 4 letters SOSA
The world’s second most traded currency 4 letters EURO
Carly ___ Jepsen 3 letters RAE
Important ID 3 letters SSN
Adjust as an article 4 letters EDIT
Make up stories 3 letters LIE
When two fairly matched gamblers raced it was a … 8 letters COINTOSS
Frigid 3 letters ICY
Basic metabolic panel for one 7 letters LABTEST
Charter option for a sports team 7 letters MINIBUS
LAX landing guess 3 letters ETA
When two fairly matched cameramen raced it came down to a … 11 letters PHOTOFINISH
Bog 3 letters FEN
Floats in the air 6 letters HOVERS
Canadian First Nations group 4 letters CREE
Chiding word 3 letters TSK
Stuck on as an idea 5 letters WEDTO
Chances 4 letters ODDS
Fingernail treatment informally 4 letters MANI
Fairly matched 4 letters EVEN
Extremely small pictures say 9 letters MICRODOTS
Schindler with a list 5 letters OSKAR
Designer Vera 4 letters WANG
Quaint quaintly 4 letters OLDE
Harry’s pal 3 letters RON
This and that 5 letters THESE
Try to chop through 6 letters HACKAT
In the know 5 letters AWARE
Obsession 5 letters MANIA
Burial chamber 5 letters CRYPT
Experiences poor traction 5 letters SKIDS
Comedian Aziz 6 letters ANSARI
Macbeth’s title 5 letters THANE
Angle units 7 letters DEGREES
This puzzle has 15 of them 4 letters ROWS
Akron’s state 4 letters OHIO
Soup holder 3 letters CAN
Messenger molecule 3 letters RNA
One gets the worm 9 letters EARLYBIRD
Berry in some purple smoothies 4 letters ACAI
You before you were born? 4 letters THEE
Lacks 5 letters HASNT
It’s not clear! 3 letters MUD
___ Lanka 3 letters SRI
Corkscrew pasta 6 letters ROTINI
Curry of the Warriors 5 letters STEPH
Flaky ticket holder 6 letters NOSHOW
Chin indent 5 letters CLEFT
Author Joyce Carol ___ 5 letters OATES
Goldman Sachs e.g. slangily 5 letters IBANK
Appliance with a cooktop 5 letters STOVE
___ de Mayo 5 letters CINCO
Comedian Sahl 4 letters MORT
In that case 4 letters IFSO
Like items in a thrift store 4 letters USED
___ in her element 4 letters SHES
Nickname related to Theo 3 letters TED

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