Universal Crossword April 19 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword April 19 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword April 19 2024 Answers:

Rolls around during infancy? 3 letters FAT
My ___ are burning! 4 letters EARS
Small primate with large eyes 4 letters BUSH
Kind of club for singers 4 letters GLEE
Pick from a deck 4 letters DRAW
Cookies with a Space Dunk variety 5 letters OREOS
Atypical 4 letters RARE
Muppet since 1980 4 letters ELMO
Freshman’s grade 5 letters NINTH
Director DuVernay 3 letters AVA
With 38- and 57-Across Dirty Dancing quote … and why four black squares are keeping you from completing this puzzle 6 letters NOBODY
Prefix with meter 3 letters ODO
Tag player’s declaration 5 letters NOTIT
Sch. in Columbus 3 letters OSU
Uncensored 3 letters RAW
Got into clothes 7 letters DRESSED
Fashion item in mid-Manhattan? 3 letters HAT
Suffix with Brooklyn 3 letters ITE
Nordic toast 5 letters SKOAL
Fan’s opposite 5 letters HATER
See 20-Across 11 letters PUTSBABYINA
Just … sits around 5 letters IDLES
Solti whose Grammy count (31) is second only to Beyonce’s 5 letters GEORG
Secretive org. 3 letters CIA
Chick-fil-A rival 3 letters KFC
They prefer to be naked 7 letters NUDISTS
Joseph who worked with William Dreyer 3 letters EDY
___ : sleeves :: CDs : jewel boxes 3 letters LPS
Brownish tint 5 letters SEPIA
Ailing 3 letters ILL
See 20-Across 6 letters CORNER
LBJ’s successor 3 letters RMN
Home of Egypt’s Coptic Museum 5 letters CAIRO
Green often baked into chips 4 letters KALE
Nabokov’s no 4 letters NYET
___ salts 5 letters EPSOM
In a chemistry joke it’s what a female has that a male lacks 4 letters IRON
Early horror star Lugosi 4 letters BELA
Tentative first effort 4 letters STEP
Look after 4 letters TEND
Whiner 3 letters CRY
Add spice to 6 letters FLAVOR
Infuse with gas 6 letters AERATE
Golf peg 3 letters TEE
Blissful place 4 letters EDEN
Pixar dinosaur 4 letters ARLO
Tough guy in a film series 5 letters RAMBO
Nike logo 6 letters SWOOSH
Skeletal 4 letters BONY
Sch. in Kingston 3 letters URI
Title with a tilde 8 letters SENORITA
Reason to look your best 7 letters HOTDATE
Steinway product 5 letters GRAND
Party before a delivery 6 letters SHOWER
Singer Lipa 3 letters DUA
Magazine rack item 5 letters ISSUE
For shame! 6 letters TSKTSK
Greek goddess who becomes a god when r is added to her name 3 letters EOS
Bit of gel 3 letters DAB
What a very hungry eater might have 6 letters THIRDS
Trail (behind) 3 letters LAG
Rolling Stones classic 5 letters ANGIE
Spotify creation 8 letters PLAYLIST
Actor Affleck 3 letters BEN
Are ___ for real?! 3 letters YOU
1990 rap hit with a cool title 6 letters ICEICE
Swam in an Olympic pool say 7 letters DIDLAPS
Rap’s ___ Rida 3 letters FLO
Lifesaving set 6 letters CPRKIT
More agile 6 letters SPRYER
Opportune 6 letters TIMELY
Eartha Kitt Christmas song 5 letters SANTA
Trap 5 letters SNARE
Give for free 4 letters COMP
College near Duke 4 letters ELON
Rip apart 4 letters REND
Fish eggs 3 letters ROE
The Voice network 3 letters NBC

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