Universal Crossword April 1 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword April 1 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword April 1 2024 Answers:

Radio switch 4 letters AMFM
Mosque leaders 5 letters IMAMS
Stag for a doe 4 letters MATE
Trim (down) 4 letters PARE
Suburban alternative? 5 letters TAHOE
Community role for Danny 4 letters ABED
Purple Beanie Baby’s royal namesake familiarly (Note this answer’s last 2 letters + …) 10 letters PRINCESSDI
Mitchell of folk (… this answer’s first 3) 4 letters JONI
Excelled in Gen Z slang 3 letters ATE
Med. plan option 3 letters HMO
Muzzles 6 letters SNOUTS
Drummer Starr 5 letters RINGO
Red Wings’ org. 3 letters NHL
Prefix with -pedic 5 letters ORTHO
Give funding to 5 letters ENDOW
Sized up 4 letters EYED
AOL rival 3 letters MSN
Speech therapy target maybe (Last 2 letters + …) 4 letters LISP
Chilling look (… first 3) 8 letters ICYSTARE
Too hasty 4 letters RASH
Doctors and lawyers take one 4 letters OATH
Scolding for someone shouting (Last 4 letters + …) 8 letters DONTYELL
Is behind on bills (… first 2) 4 letters OWES
Friend ___ friend 3 letters OFA
Not there 4 letters GONE
Foolish 5 letters INANE
Ask if you dare 5 letters TRYME
Key also called Option 3 letters ALT
Airs out 5 letters VENTS
They help raise the grade! 6 letters TUTORS
Abbr. after an old date 3 letters BCE
Small criticism 3 letters NIT
Where the Taj Mahal is (Last 3 letters + …) 4 letters AGRA
Take that! (… first 3) 10 letters INYOURFACE
Time spent in line 4 letters WAIT
They’re over 12 but under 20 5 letters TEENS
A likely story! 4 letters IBET
European ski destination 4 letters ALPS
Partner of dreams 5 letters HOPES
Places to dream 4 letters BEDS
Garb 7 letters APPAREL
Drink often served with an olive 7 letters MARTINI
Products of some children’s imaginations 7 letters FRIENDS
All U.S. presidents thus far 3 letters MEN
Couple in a tabloid 4 letters ITEM
Type of jar 5 letters MASON
Checkup sounds 3 letters AHS
Internet mediator for short 3 letters MOD
Tres + tres 4 letters SEIS
College declaration 5 letters MAJOR
Biographical blog section 7 letters ABOUTME
Place next to a point 6 letters TENTHS
Thomas who had a bright idea 6 letters EDISON
Puppy ___ (snack for a human or meal for a dog) 4 letters CHOW
Slyly signal to 5 letters NODAT
Move to the big leagues say 5 letters GOPRO
Howdy! 3 letters HEY
Cleaning brand 5 letters LYSOL
Bibliography abbr. 4 letters ETAL
Analogy words 4 letters ISTO
Blac ___ 5 letters CHYNA
Cotes du ___ 5 letters RHONE
Wrath 5 letters ANGER
Outing from San Francisco to Big Sur maybe 7 letters DAYTRIP
Slippery fish 3 letters EEL
1996 Spice Girls hit espousing girl power 7 letters WANNABE
Tempted 7 letters ENTICED
Sonnet endings 7 letters SESTETS
Canadian capital 6 letters OTTAWA
Thrifty 6 letters FRUGAL
Indie folk’s Bon ___ 4 letters IVER
Protective ditches 5 letters MOATS
Steak cut named for a letter 5 letters TBONE
Red lightsaber wielder 4 letters SITH
Swear 4 letters CUSS
New beginning? 3 letters NEO
Uh-huh 3 letters YEP
Little lie 3 letters FIB

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