Thomas Joseph Crossword May 22 2023 Answers

If you are searching for: Thomas Joseph Crossword May 22 2023 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Thomas Joseph Crossword May 22 2023 Answers:

Gift-wrapping need 4 letters TAPE
Lesser-played half of a 45 5 letters SIDEB
Beige 4 letters ECRU
Indivisible numbers 6 letters PRIMES
Fleet member 4 letters SHIP
Tuba sound 6 letters OOMPAH
Hardy hen 7 letters LEGHORN
Poem of praise 3 letters ODE
Classifies 7 letters ASSORTS
Cath. or Prot. 3 letters REL
Beam of light 3 letters RAY
Lab bottle 4 letters VIAL
Delicate 5 letters FRAIL
Deceitful people 5 letters LIARS
Maggie and Bart’s sister 4 letters LISA
Singer Damone 3 letters VIC
Play division 3 letters ACT
Furniture wheels 7 letters CASTERS
Question of identity 3 letters WHO
Coin-op eatery 7 letters AUTOMAT
Bit of gossip 6 letters EARFUL
Singer McEntire 4 letters REBA
Least moist 6 letters DRIEST
What’s — for me? 4 letters INIT
Copenhagen natives 5 letters DANES
Totals 4 letters ADDS
Inventor Nikola 5 letters TESLA
Massage targets 5 letters ACHES
Puritanical ones 5 letters PRIGS
Bliss 8 letters EUPHORIA
Stylish 6 letters SPORTY
Some golf clubs 5 letters IRONS
Poorly lit 3 letters DIM
Stores 7 letters EMPORIA
Come on help me out 7 letters BEADEAR
Beachcombing finds 6 letters SHELLS
Vaccine type 4 letters ORAL
Long-reigning queen 8 letters VICTORIA
Imperfect 6 letters FLAWED
Explorer Byrd 7 letters RICHARD
Oregon city 7 letters ASTORIA
Shopping aid 4 letters LIST
Bank fixtures 6 letters VAULTS
Lead to 5 letters CAUSE
Correct as text 5 letters EMEND
Zealous 5 letters RABID
ERA and RBI 5 letters STATS

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