Thomas Joseph Crossword May 17 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Thomas Joseph Crossword May 17 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Thomas Joseph Crossword May 17 2024 Answers:

Recurring theme 5 letters MOTIF
Grating sounds 5 letters RASPS
Game setting 5 letters ARENA
Dizzying designs 5 letters OPART
Bulletin board items 5 letters TACKS
Piper of rhyme 5 letters PETER
Blasting letters 3 letters TNT
Summer shirt 3 letters TEE
Moody music 3 letters EMO
Swelled head 3 letters EGO
Includes in an email 3 letters CCS
Jar part 3 letters LIP
Airport car 6 letters RENTAL
Pub pints 4 letters ALES
Tel Aviv native 7 letters ISRAELI
Pool tool 4 letters RACK
Foot part 6 letters INSTEP
Artist Jean 3 letters ARP
Tattoo setting 3 letters ARM
Earthbound bird 3 letters EMU
Suffering 3 letters ILL
Can. neighbor 3 letters USA
WSW for one 3 letters DIR
Traded 5 letters DEALT
Fence crossing 5 letters STILE
Door sign 5 letters ENTER
Wake Up Little — 5 letters SUSIE
Slender 5 letters REEDY
Mood of the people 5 letters ETHOS
Be important 6 letters MATTER
Grove fruit 6 letters ORANGE
Lithosphere part 13 letters TECTONICPLATE
Squid’s squirt 3 letters INK
Racer e.g. 7 letters FASTCAR
Lassos 5 letters ROPES
Gibbon for one 3 letters APE
Reception aid 13 letters SATELLITEDISH
Baby born early for short 6 letters PREMIE
Razor sharpeners 6 letters STROPS
Bakery treats 7 letters ECLAIRS
Chiding sound 3 letters TSK
Green and Gore 3 letters ALS
As a group 7 letters ENMASSE
Corporate shark 6 letters RAIDER
Francis of TV 6 letters ARLENE
Designer Pucci 6 letters EMILIO
Makes baby food maybe 6 letters PUREES
Singing cowboy Gene 5 letters AUTRY
Was a pioneer 3 letters LED

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