Thomas Joseph Crossword January 24 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Thomas Joseph Crossword January 24 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Thomas Joseph Crossword January 24 2024 Answers:

Traction aid 5 letters CLEAT
Hip-hop songs 4 letters RAPS
Sponsorship 5 letters AEGIS
Syrup choice 5 letters MAPLE
Molten rock 5 letters MAGMA
Holiday visitor 5 letters INLAW
Blunders 4 letters ERRS
Shrewd 6 letters ASTUTE
One for Juan 3 letters UNO
What’s more 3 letters AND
Lawn material 3 letters SOD
EPA target 8 letters POLLUTER
Sharp’s counterpart 4 letters FLAT
First person 4 letters ADAM
Roper for one 8 letters POLLSTER
Upper limit 3 letters CAP
Diamond club 3 letters BAT
Floral garland 3 letters LEI
Overseas 6 letters ABROAD
Rocky 4 letters HARD
Diner seating choice 5 letters BOOTH
Word of German gratitude 5 letters DANKE
Ice cream shop extra 5 letters ADDIN
Church feature 5 letters ALTAR
Minus 4 letters LESS
Castle surrounders 5 letters MOATS
Arose 6 letters CAMEUP
Find out about 7 letters LEARNOF
Chinese dinner extra 7 letters EGGROLL
Goals 4 letters AIMS
Screening org. 3 letters TSA
Crazy talk 4 letters RANT
Top grade 5 letters APLUS
Republic writer 5 letters PLATO
Did some tailoring 5 letters SEWED
Flubbed at the poker table 8 letters MISDEALT
Small worker 3 letters ANT
German expressway 8 letters AUTOBAHN
Pet perch 3 letters LAP
Hwys. 3 letters RDS
Hawks’ home 7 letters ATLANTA
Mongoose cousin 7 letters MEERKAT
Young fellow 3 letters LAD
Pony Express workers 6 letters RIDERS
Group of plotters 5 letters CABAL
Dwelling 5 letters ABODE
Eggs on 5 letters PRODS
Singer Redding 4 letters OTIS
Head light? 4 letters HALO

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