Eugene Sheffer Crossword September 4 2023 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword September 4 2023 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword September 4 2023 Answers:

Apple desktop computer 4 letters IMAC
Tic- — -toe 3 letters TAC
Bacterium 4 letters GERM
Karate school 4 letters DOJO
Conceit 3 letters EGO
Novelist Seton 4 letters ANYA
Skin care brand 4 letters OLAY
September celebration 8 letters LABORDAY
Saunter 6 letters STROLL
Industry tycoons 6 letters BARONS
Hardy lass 4 letters TESS
Not agin 3 letters FER
Time near a deadline 8 letters LATEDATE
Romanov ruler 4 letters TSAR
Swiss canton 3 letters URI
Stag 5 letters ALONE
Big bird of Australia 3 letters EMU
Understands 4 letters GETS
Fortunate sort 8 letters LUCKYDOG
Hearty brew 3 letters ALE
Take — Train 4 letters THEA
Cancels 6 letters ANNULS
Fesses up 6 letters ADMITS
Gave up as arms 8 letters LAIDDOWN
Pack — (prepare for travel) 4 letters ABAG
Pharmaceutical 4 letters DRUG
Parking place 3 letters LOT
Male red deer 4 letters HART
Pinnacle 4 letters ACME
— Moines 3 letters DES
Newspaper section 4 letters ARTS
Altar vows 4 letters IDOS
Shed 4 letters MOLT
Slightly open 4 letters AJAR
Road Runner’s foe 6 letters COYOTE
Spills the beans 8 letters TELLSALL
Khan title 3 letters AGA
— salad 4 letters COBB
Attic 6 letters GARRET
Supported 8 letters ENDORSED
Gosling or Reynolds 4 letters RYAN
Baseball legend Willie 4 letters MAYS
Klutz 3 letters OAF
Spartan queen 4 letters LEDA
Portly 5 letters STOUT
Schlep 3 letters LUG
Where — you? 3 letters ARE
Element No. 22 8 letters TITANIUM
Bewitches 8 letters ENCHANTS
I love (Lat.) 3 letters AMO
Bad hairpiece 3 letters RUG
Scratched (out) 4 letters EKED
Mire 6 letters SLUDGE
Motorcycle maker 6 letters YAMAHA
Days of yore 3 letters ELD
Emmy winner Alan 4 letters ALDA
Dealer’s foe 4 letters NARC
Auctioneer’s cry 4 letters SOLD
Construction piece 4 letters IBAR
Small fruit pie 4 letters TART
USMC ranks 4 letters SGTS

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