Eugene Sheffer Crossword September 20 2023 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword September 20 2023 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword September 20 2023 Answers:

Felonious flights 4 letters LAMS
Wrestling surface 3 letters MAT
Historic Scott 4 letters DRED
Composer Satie 4 letters ERIK
Coach Parseghian 3 letters ARA
Used a loom 4 letters WOVE
Science of heredity 8 letters GENETICS
Israel’s Abba 4 letters EBAN
Sexy Beatles girl 5 letters SADIE
Beauty parlors 6 letters SALONS
Tennis barriers 4 letters NETS
Hairy Addams cousin 3 letters ITT
Low range 4 letters BASS
October stone 4 letters OPAL
British verb ending 3 letters ISE
Antlered grazer 3 letters ELK
Russian range 5 letters URALS
When doubled it’s a dance 3 letters CHA
— kwon do 3 letters TAE
Postpaid enc. 4 letters SASE
Jacob’s twin 4 letters ESAU
Frontline airer 3 letters PBS
Roman 1109 4 letters MCIX
Supplies food for 6 letters CATERS
Untamed 5 letters FERAL
Landed 4 letters ALIT
Delicate dinner party topic 8 letters POLITICS
Mythical birds 4 letters ROCS
Vitamin stat 3 letters RDA
Jazz singer James 4 letters ETTA
Booked solid 4 letters BUSY
Certainly! 3 letters YES
Take it easy 4 letters REST
Staying power 4 letters LEGS
Region 4 letters AREA
Behave 4 letters MIND
Yarn bundles 6 letters SKEINS
Avril follower 3 letters MAI
Joan of — 3 letters ARC
Cold War news agency 4 letters TASS
Resided 5 letters DWELT
Technology relating to automatons 8 letters ROBOTICS
Author Hunter 4 letters EVAN
Lairs 4 letters DENS
Golf prop 3 letters TEE
Has a bug 4 letters AILS
Afghanistan’s — Bora region 4 letters TORA
Tic 5 letters SPASM
Wager 3 letters BET
Pie — mode 3 letters ALA
Doubters 8 letters SKEPTICS
Mr. Guinness 4 letters ALEC
— Na Na 3 letters SHA
Water (Fr.) 3 letters EAU
Cold War initials 4 letters USSR
New Hampshire town 6 letters EXETER
Flag maker Ross 5 letters BETSY
— Were a Rich Man 3 letters IFI
Keto restriction 4 letters CARB
Matty of baseball 4 letters ALOU
Agile 4 letters SPRY
Bar mitzvah e.g. 4 letters RITE
Play parts 4 letters ACTS
Aspiring atty.’s exam 4 letters LSAT
Poetic tribute 3 letters ODE

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