Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 9 2023 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 9 2023 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 9 2023 Answers:

Mimic 3 letters APE
Detail 4 letters ITEM
Assess 4 letters RATE
Feminine principle 3 letters YIN
Shopper’s delight 4 letters SALE
Nobel Prize subj. 4 letters ECON
100% 8 letters ENTIRELY
Scurry 4 letters DART
Savings plan acronym 3 letters IRA
Many Instagram photos 7 letters SELFIES
Square one 6 letters OUTSET
Seminary subj. 3 letters REL
Cardinal cap letters 3 letters STL
Cover 3 letters LID
Croc’s kin 5 letters GATOR
Obey 4 letters HEED
Knee protector 3 letters PAD
Comedian Kaplan 4 letters GABE
Plus 5 letters ASSET
Russian space station 3 letters MIR
Diamonds singer 3 letters SIA
Vegas opener? 3 letters LAS
Snacked (on) 6 letters NOSHED
Sampling wines 7 letters TASTING
Tibetan bovine 3 letters YAK
Sweet sandwich 4 letters OREO
Weaponry 8 letters ARMAMENT
Actress Hatcher 4 letters TERI
Occupy 4 letters FILL
Formerly known as 3 letters NEE
Stated 4 letters SAID
Les États- — 4 letters UNIS
Delta’s one-time rival 3 letters TWA
Nay undoer 3 letters AYE
Brooch 3 letters PIN
Grants a right to 8 letters ENTITLES
Tel Aviv’s land 6 letters ISRAEL
Menlo Park monogram 3 letters TAE
Building wings 4 letters ELLS
Twilight author Stephenie 5 letters MEYER
Danger sign 7 letters REDFLAG
Superfood berry 4 letters ACAI
Rent 4 letters TORE
Tolkien creatures 4 letters ENTS
Apr. check casher 3 letters IRS
Piano support 3 letters LEG
Fed. workplace monitor 4 letters OSHA
Salt Lake City squad 4 letters UTES
Bit of advice 3 letters TIP
River blocker 3 letters DAM
Uzbek capital 8 letters TASHKENT
Theater award 4 letters OBIE
Peruse 4 letters READ
Shoulder muscle 7 letters DELTOID
Cacophony 3 letters DIN
— chi 3 letters TAI
Kings and queens 6 letters ROYALS
Major mix-up 5 letters SNAFU
Muppet eagle 3 letters SAM
Youngsters 4 letters TOTS
Bailiwick 4 letters AREA
LPGA star Pak 4 letters SERI
Wide smile 4 letters GRIN
Roman 1051 3 letters MLI
Up-to-date 3 letters NEW
Brewed drink 3 le

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