Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 16 2023 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 16 2023 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 16 2023 Answers:

Part of speech 4 letters VERB
Vat 3 letters TUB
Mama’s mate 4 letters PAPA
Sheltered 4 letters ALEE
Leading lady? 3 letters EVE
Burden 4 letters ONUS
Close 4 letters NEAR
Scot’s refusal 3 letters NAE
Roman 1601 4 letters MDCI
Bug barrier 6 letters SCREEN
Calcutta currency 6 letters RUPEES
Use a wok 3 letters FRY
Mal de — 3 letters MER
Tear canal 4 letters DUCT
Imagined 8 letters SUPPOSED
The Magic on scoreboards 3 letters ORL
Sugar suffix 3 letters OSE
Flamenco cheer 3 letters OLE
Instrument in a Dixieland band 8 letters CLARINET
Winter blanket 4 letters SNOW
Wine selection 3 letters RED
Epoch 3 letters ERA
Less moist as a brownie 6 letters CAKIER
Proportions 6 letters RATIOS
Professional gp. 4 letters ASSN
Hosp. hookups 3 letters IVS
Taking action 4 letters ONIT
Oxford for one 4 letters SHOE
O Sole — 3 letters MIO
Unsightly 4 letters UGLY
Dispatch 4 letters SEND
— Salvador 3 letters SAN
Diggs of Rent 4 letters TAYE
Moving vehicles? 4 letters VANS
Power co. supply 4 letters ELEC
Caboose 4 letters REAR
Grief-stricken 6 letters BEREFT
Locksley Hall poet 8 letters TENNYSON
A.C.C. school 3 letters UVA
Tavern order 4 letters BEER
Ellen of Grey’s Anatomy 6 letters POMPEO
Actress Gillian 8 letters ANDERSON
Brownish purple 4 letters PUCE
Unrepaired 4 letters ASIS
Hosp. triage area 2 letters ER
Ballpark figure 3 letters UMP
Medico 3 letters DOC
Web address 3 letters URL
Stronger singer Kelly 8 letters CLARKSON
Employ 3 letters USE
Cheers regular Norm 8 letters PETERSON
Strange Magic gp. 3 letters ELO
Lawn coating 3 letters DEW
Checked 6 letters REINED
Chemical suffix 3 letters IDE
Didn’t dance 6 letters SATOUT
Egyptian sun god 2 letters RA
Mama — Elliot 4 letters CASS
Tennis champ Arthur 4 letters ASHE
Eyeglass frames 4 letters RIMS
Young Frankenstein role 4 letters INGA
Unctuous 4 letters OILY
Ocular woe 4 letters STYE

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