Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 10 2023 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 10 2023 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 10 2023 Answers:

Asian holiday 3 letters TET
Music booster 3 letters AMP
Gold-loving king 5 letters MIDAS
— Baba 3 letters ALI
Stephen of Still Crazy 3 letters REA
Keen 5 letters ACUTE
Top Gun target 3 letters MIG
Domino product 9 letters CANESUGAR
Summer in Arles 3 letters ETE
Furtive type 5 letters SNEAK
Belgrade resident 4 letters SERB
Golf’s Ernie 3 letters ELS
Hulk actor Eric 4 letters BANA
Not ’neath 3 letters OER
Swapped 6 letters TRADED
Cameo shapes 5 letters OVALS
Sulk 5 letters BROOD
Luggage carrier 6 letters PORTER
Tom Collins liquor 3 letters GIN
Jabberwocky starter 4 letters TWAS
Wise bird 3 letters OWL
Ump’s call 4 letters SAFE
Old anesthetic 5 letters ETHER
Bikini top 3 letters BRA
Hawaiian crop 9 letters SUGARCANE
Goal 3 letters AIM
Range brand 5 letters AMANA
Mormon church for short 3 letters LDS
— kwon do 3 letters TAE
Half of a ’60s group 5 letters MAMAS
Take courses? 3 letters EAT
Hosp. sections 3 letters ERS
Domesticates 5 letters TAMES
Select group 5 letters ELITE
Striped cat 5 letters TIGER
Curved lines 4 letters ARCS
Not as nice 6 letters MEANER
Talk show group 5 letters PANEL
Pandemic cover-up 4 letters MASK
Hosp. area 3 letters ICU
Burrowed 3 letters DUG
— premium 3 letters ATA
Sun. talk 3 letters SER
Sunrise direction 4 letters EAST
Fabric bundles 5 letters BOLTS
Rural buildings 5 letters BARNS
Commotion 3 letters ADO
Ultramodernist 3 letters NEO
Do sums 3 letters ADD
Compass pt. 3 letters ESE
Hitter’s stat 3 letters RBI
Select with for 3 letters OPT
Pledge 3 letters VOW
Celestial altar 3 letters ARA
Campus mil. group 4 letters ROTC
Jackson of A Touch of Class 6 letters GLENDA
One in a pod 5 letters WHALE
Diminish 5 letters ABATE
Monastery figure 5 letters FRIAR
Chair designer 5 letters EAMES
Historic times 4 letters ERAS
Take five 4 letters REST
Cheers bartender 3 letters SAM
Actress Thurman 3 letters UMA
Leg in slang 3 letters GAM

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