Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 3 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 3 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 3 2024 Answers:

Alligator’s home 5 letters SWAMP
Peer Gynt Suite composer 5 letters GRIEG
Small burger 6 letters SLIDER
Pitcher in slang 6 letters HURLER
Politico Nancy 6 letters PELOSI
Store fodder 6 letters ENSILE
Dorm VIPs 3 letters RAS
Brainy 5 letters SMART
Western st. 3 letters CAL
Sport shirt brand 4 letters IZOD
Mork’s home 3 letters ORK
Tubular pasta 4 letters ZITI
Music category 5 letters GENRE
Kind of energy 7 letters KINETIC
Sort 3 letters ILK
Stillmatic rapper 3 letters NAS
Yokel 7 letters BUMPKIN
Violin student’s assignment 5 letters ETUDE
Cupid’s alias 4 letters EROS
Eggy quaff 3 letters NOG
Goblet feature 4 letters STEM
Wander about 3 letters GAD
Fess up 5 letters ADMIT
World Series org. 3 letters MLB
Playwright Eugene 6 letters ONEILL
Quaint Omigosh! 6 letters BYJOVE
Skirmish 6 letters TUSSLE
Pencil part 6 letters ERASER
Remains 5 letters STAYS
Pub projectiles 5 letters DARTS
Vulgar type 6 letters SLEAZE
28th President 6 letters WILSON
Ruckus 3 letters ADO
Disorder 4 letters MESS
First-rate in slang 5 letters PRIMO
Small pickle 7 letters GHERKIN
Litter’s littlest 4 letters RUNT
Apr. check casher 3 letters IRS
Draw forth 6 letters ELICIT
Trattoria desserts 6 letters GELATI
Parsley piece 5 letters SPRIG
Museum artifact 5 letters RELIC
Biblical boat 3 letters ARK
Painting mishaps 5 letters DRIPS
Orange peel scrapings 5 letters ZESTS
Wapiti 3 letters ELK
Dundee denial 3 letters NAE
Amazon e-readers 7 letters KINDLES
Sired 5 letters BEGOT
Seventh planet 6 letters URANUS
Humble 6 letters MODEST
— de plume 3 letters NOM
Maximum 6 letters UTMOST
Searches deeply 6 letters DELVES
Glowing coal 5 letters EMBER
Mocked 5 letters GIBED
Friend 4 letters ALLY
Model Banks 4 letters TYRA
This — recording 3 letters ISA

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