Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 23 2023 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 23 2023 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 23 2023 Answers:

Bivouac 4 letters CAMP
High-five sound 4 letters SLAP
Comedian Margaret 3 letters CHO
Regarding 4 letters ASTO
Saab model 4 letters AERO
Pool unit 3 letters LAP
Scotch and Drambuie drink 9 letters RUSTYNAIL
Coach Parseghian 3 letters ARA
Totals 4 letters ADDS
Painter’s stand 5 letters EASEL
Londoners e.g. 5 letters BRITS
Burden 4 letters ONUS
Carson’s successor 4 letters LENO
Sure to succeed 8 letters CANTFAIL
Hanoi holiday 3 letters TET
Sleep problem 5 letters APNEA
— -Magnon 3 letters CRO
Fail to appear in court say 8 letters SKIPBAIL
School orgs. 4 letters PTAS
Baseball great Willie 4 letters MAYS
Sheriff’s group 5 letters POSSE
Breezy talks 5 letters CHATS
Two of a kind 4 letters PAIR
Sizzling 3 letters HOT
Tucked-in garment part 9 letters SHIRTTAIL
Pub pint 3 letters ALE
Formerly once 4 letters ERST
Ad agcy. client 4 letters ACCT
TGIF part 3 letters ITS
Horse-drawn carriage 4 letters SHAY
Floral rings 4 letters LEIS
Lot sight 3 letters CAR
Tempe sch. 3 letters ASU
Peaks (Abbr.) 3 letters MTS
Spud 6 letters POTATO
Hourglass fill 4 letters SAND
Meadows 4 letters LEAS
Entourage role 3 letters ARI
Italian cornmeal recipe 7 letters POLENTA
Admirable people 9 letters CLASSACTS
Fast runner 4 letters HARE
Lustrous gem 4 letters OPAL
Fabric amts. 3 letters YDS
— Wiedersehen 3 letters AUF
Diner orders 4 letters BLTS
Stink 4 letters REEK
Closest friends 9 letters INTIMATES
Scott Turow book 4 letters ONEL
IRS employees 4 letters CPAS
Blackbird 3 letters ANI
Nest egg choices 4 letters IRAS
Misplace 4 letters LOSE
Deep ravines 7 letters ABYSSES
Bit of butter 3 letters PAT
Doorway 6 letters PORTAL
Trench 3 letters PIT
Spiced tea 4 letters CHAI
Lester of NBC News 4 letters HOLT
Tower city 4 letters PISA
Bohemian 4 letters ARTY
Regal letters 3 letters HRH
Super serve 3 letters ACE
Here in Dijon 3 letters ICI

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