Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 19 2023 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 19 2023 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 19 2023 Answers:


Elmer to Bugs 3 letters DOC
Dorm alternative 4 letters FRAT
Scruff 4 letters NAPE
Corn unit 3 letters EAR
Swiss river 4 letters AARE
Commitment-phobe’s response 4 letters IMAY
Scrooge’s clerk 8 letters CRATCHIT
Walking stick 4 letters CANE
Golf props 4 letters TEES
August: Osage County playwright Tracy 5 letters LETTS
Awesome! 5 letters GREAT
Hammer target 4 letters NAIL
Songbird 4 letters LARK
Melon variety 8 letters HONEYDEW
Luau instrument 3 letters UKE
Some shelter adoptees 5 letters MUTTS
Actress Mendes 3 letters EVA
Busybodies 8 letters MEDDLERS
Portent 4 letters OMEN
Ascend 4 letters RISE
Left at sea 5 letters APORT
Egyptian peninsula 5 letters SINAI
Power co. supply 4 letters ELEC
Model Heidi 4 letters KLUM
Dictator 8 letters AUTOCRAT
Madonna’s La — Bonita 4 letters ISLA
Muffin choice 4 letters BRAN
Census stat 3 letters AGE
Buddies 4 letters PALS
Glamour rival 4 letters ELLE
Levy 3 letters TAX
Calendar abbr. 3 letters DEC
Rowing tool 3 letters OAR
Like the moon’s surface 8 letters CRATERED
Diamond side 5 letters FACET
Stadium cheers 4 letters RAHS
Exodus hero 3 letters ARI
Asian holiday 3 letters TET
In a pleasant way 6 letters NICELY
Latin 101 word 4 letters AMAT
Gasp for air 4 letters PANT
Checks out 4 letters EYES
Ship wood 4 letters TEAK
Fibs 4 letters LIES
Morose 4 letters GLUM
Yard tool 4 letters RAKE
— Dame 5 letters NOTRE
Picnic interlopers 4 letters ANTS
Colorations 4 letters HUES
Jimmy Carter e.g. 8 letters DEMOCRAT
Always 4 letters EVER
Long for 4 letters WANT
Roman 1052 4 letters MLII
Eugene O’Neill’s works 6 letters DRAMAS
Oil cartel 4 letters OPEC
Stag 5 letters ALONE
Omit 4 letters SKIP
Casablanca role 4 letters ILSA
Void partner 4 letters NULL
And others (Lat.) 4 letters ETAL
Actor Vigoda 3 letters ABE
Online address 3 letters URL
Khan title 3 letters AGA

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