Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 18 2023 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 18 2023 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 18 2023 Answers:

Mausoleum 4 letters TOMB
Bit of butter 3 letters PAT
Tax prep pros 4 letters CPAS
Cupid’s specialty 4 letters AMOR
Year in Mexico 3 letters ANO
Verdi opera 4 letters AIDA
Hindu royal 4 letters RANI
Designer monogram 3 letters YSL
Sent a dupe to 4 letters CCED
Stupor 6 letters TRANCE
Ella’s style 4 letters SCAT
Separate quarters for a visitor 10 letters GUESTHOUSE
Vegas area 5 letters STRIP
Odometer start 3 letters OOO
Sleep acronym 3 letters REM
Sharpen 4 letters WHET
Glacial 3 letters ICY
Vegetarian’s no-no 4 letters MEAT
MSN rival 3 letters AOL
Here (Fr.) 3 letters ICI
Expels 5 letters OUSTS
Game show substitutes 10 letters GUESTHOSTS
La Dolce — 4 letters VITA
Thespians 6 letters ACTORS
Test tube 4 letters VIAL
Journalist Nellie 3 letters BLY
Oaxaca water 4 letters AGUA
Poet — St. Vincent Millay 4 letters EDNA
Sound of wonderment 3 letters OOH
Umps 4 letters REFS
Youngsters 4 letters TOTS
How — love thee 3 letters DOI
OED entries 4 letters DEFS
Like lemons 4 letters TART
Sharif of film 4 letters OMAR
— Lisa 4 letters MONA
Show me what you got! 7 letters BRINGIT
Check recipient 5 letters PAYEE
Reply (Abbr.) 3 letters ANS
War and Peace author 7 letters TOLSTOY
Chocolate source 5 letters CACAO
Visualizes 8 letters PICTURES
Citric beverage 3 letters ADE
Blue 3 letters SAD
Tea holder 3 letters CUP
Comedian Margaret 3 letters CHO
Prefix with logical 5 letters SOCIO
Pants part 4 letters SEAT
911 responders 4 letters EMTS
Booty 4 letters SWAG
Grand 4 letters THOU
Germane 8 letters RELEVANT
Crane of Sleepy Hollow 7 letters ICHABOD
Hot dog condiment 7 letters MUSTARD
Hairy Addams cousin 3 letters ITT
Non-Rx 3 letters OTC
The Da Vinci Code monk 5 letters SILAS
Greet 5 letters SAYHI
Curved molding 4 letters OGEE
Elizabethan collar 4 letters RUFF
Lip 4 letters SASS
Kitty’s doc 3 letters VET
Altar affirmative 3 letters IDO

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