Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 29 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 29 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 29 2024 Answers:

— de deux 3 letters PAS
Weaponize 3 letters ARM
Portends 5 letters BODES
Revue segment 3 letters ACT
Meadow 3 letters LEA
College newbie 5 letters FROSH
Commonest English word 3 letters THE
Declaration 9 letters MANIFESTO
Foot part 3 letters TOE
Giraffe features 5 letters SPOTS
Luke’s mentor 4 letters YODA
Compass dir. 3 letters ENE
Sty chow 4 letters SLOP
Marry 3 letters WED
Flashdance song 6 letters MANIAC
Court proceeding 5 letters TRIAL
Fountain drinks 5 letters MALTS
Folder material 6 letters MANILA
Aleppo’s land (Abbr.) 3 letters SYR
Pizzazz 4 letters ZEST
Hit CBS series 3 letters CSI
Mischievous Norse god 4 letters LOKI
Soup eater’s noise 5 letters SLURP
Hostel 3 letters INN
Salon treatments 9 letters MANICURES
Long. crosser 3 letters LAT
Writer Jong 5 letters ERICA
Em halves 3 letters ENS
Wife of Adam 3 letters EVE
Hinder 5 letters DETER
Trio after Q 3 letters RST
Aachen article 3 letters DER
Hamburger portion 5 letters PATTY
Sneeze sound 5 letters ACHOO
Trusty horse 5 letters STEED
Charitable gifts 4 letters ALMS
Harvested 6 letters REAPED
Massenet opera 5 letters MANON
True pals in texts 4 letters BFFS
Mined matter 3 letters ORE
Uno + uno 3 letters DOS
Ballpark fig. 3 letters EST
HBO alternative 3 letters SHO
Detail 4 letters ITEM
Anticipate 5 letters AWAIT
Entangle 5 letters SNARL
Rapper — Kim 3 letters LIL
Feedbag tidbit 3 letters OAT
Mac rivals 3 letters PCS
Right angle 3 letters ELL
Comic Schumer 3 letters AMY
Celeb gossip source 3 letters TMZ
— Dawn Chong 3 letters RAE
Connections 3 letters INS
Advocacy org. 4 letters ACLU
Ambulance sounds 6 letters SIRENS
More confident 5 letters SURER
Lubricated 5 letters OILED
Scoundrel 5 letters KNAVE
Lay to rest 5 letters INTER
Bar fight souvenir 4 letters SCAR
Hey you! 4 letters PSST
Club — 3 letters MED
Common verb 3 letters ARE
Little louse 3 letters NIT

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