Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 18 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 18 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 18 2024 Answers:

Met melody 4 letters ARIA
Trail the pack 3 letters LAG
Ernie’s pal 4 letters BERT
Proboscis 4 letters NOSE
Dhabi preceder 3 letters ABU
Geometric calculation 4 letters AREA
Old apple spray 4 letters ALAR
Misleading 8 letters DELUDING
Dismal 6 letters GLOOMY
Absurd comedies 6 letters FARCES
Lettuce type 4 letters BIBB
Science room 3 letters LAB
Erasure 8 letters DELETION
Go by 4 letters PASS
St. crosser 3 letters AVE
Lake denizen 5 letters TROUT
Snooze 3 letters NAP
Yoga class pads 4 letters MATS
Culinary treat 8 letters DELICACY
NASCAR sponsor 3 letters STP
Nero’s 556 4 letters DLVI
Seem 6 letters APPEAR
Shakespeare poem 6 letters SONNET
The First State 8 letters DELAWARE
Scurry 4 letters DART
Bargain 4 letters DEAL
Lustrous black 3 letters JET
TV trophy 4 letters EMMY
The — the limit! 4 letters SKYS
Condo coolers 3 letters ACS
Authentic 4 letters REAL
Scrambled wd. 4 letters ANAG
Bakery buy 4 letters ROLL
Golfer Aoki 4 letters ISAO
Bacteriologist’s study 6 letters AEROBE
Small beetle 8 letters LADYBIRD
Prez on a penny 3 letters ABE
Chasm 4 letters GULF
Unjust accusation 6 letters BADRAP
Munich actor 8 letters ERICBANA
Painter Magritte 4 letters RENE
Labels 4 letters TAGS
Friendly skies co. 3 letters UAL
Catcher’s aid 4 letters MITT
Greeted a bully 5 letters BOOED
Weir 3 letters DAM
Longoria of TV 3 letters EVA
Game on! 8 letters LETSPLAY
In math class they’re empty 8 letters NULLSETS
Pouch 3 letters SAC
CIA operative 3 letters SPY
DVR brand 4 letters TIVO
Takes the wrong way? 6 letters STEALS
Ember 6 letters CINDER
Furry foot 3 letters PAW
Totals 4 letters ADDS
Quick look 4 letters PEEK
Prince of India 4 letters RAJA
Christen 4 letters NAME
Witty Bombeck 4 letters ERMA
Texter’s sign-off 4 letters TTYL

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