Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 15 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 15 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 15 2024 Answers:

— of 1812 3 letters WAR
Say it’s so 4 letters AVER
Race finish 4 letters TAPE
Hearty quaff 3 letters ALE
Showroom model 4 letters DEMO
Algerian port 4 letters ORAN
Ragtime author 8 letters DOCTOROW
Frost 4 letters RIME
Family cars 6 letters SEDANS
Bikini half 3 letters BRA
Fib 3 letters LIE
Pyrotechnics reaction 6 letters OOHING
Factions 5 letters SIDES
Potentially will 3 letters MAY
Popeye’s Olive 3 letters OYL
Unpaid TV ads 4 letters PSAS
Trench 3 letters RUT
Entice 4 letters LURE
Shade provider 3 letters ELM
Pop’s mate 3 letters MOM
Plains grazers 5 letters BISON
Some kind of nut 6 letters CASHEW
Bank account amt. 3 letters BAL
Moreover 3 letters AND
Andean animals 6 letters LLAMAS
Body powder 4 letters TALC
Held by a third party 8 letters INESCROW
Furry sci-fi critter 4 letters EWOK
Poet — St. Vincent Millay 4 letters EDNA
Chef Garten 3 letters INA
Society newbies 4 letters DEBS
X-ray doses 4 letters RADS
Congeal 3 letters SET
Bankrolls 4 letters WADS
Lip balm ingredient 4 letters ALOE
Shipping dept. stamp 4 letters RECD
Handsome guy 6 letters ADONIS
Biblical passage 5 letters VERSE
Moody music 3 letters EMO
Lake vessel 7 letters ROWBOAT
Sacred scroll 5 letters TORAH
Shapiro of NPR 3 letters ARI
Actress Dawber 3 letters PAM
Chemical suffix 3 letters ENE
Yarns 5 letters TALES
Crying singer Orbison 3 letters ROY
Debtors’ notes 4 letters IOUS
Songwriter Laura 4 letters NYRO
Hidden valley 4 letters GLEN
Detail briefly 4 letters SPEC
Actress Fisher 4 letters ISLA
River blockers 4 letters DAMS
Silent 3 letters MUM
More boisterous 7 letters ROWDIER
Pale purple 5 letters LILAC
Chaps 3 letters MEN
Modelers’ woods 6 letters BALSAS
Cabbies 5 letters HACKS
Mix 5 letters BLEND
Hosp. scans 4 letters MRIS
First-rate 4 letters AONE
Smack a baseball 4 letters SWAT
Journalist Koppel 3 letters TED
Shock partner 3 letters AWE
Arced tennis shot 3 letters LOB

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