Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 12 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 12 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 12 2024 Answers:

Educ. group 3 letters PTA
Tide variety 4 letters NEAP
Peek- —! 4 letters ABOO
Web address 3 letters URL
Hoops legend Monroe 4 letters EARL
Krypton for one 8 letters NOBLEGAS
Simpsons bus driver 4 letters OTTO
You bet! 3 letters YES
Gym unit 3 letters REP
Start 5 letters ONSET
Part of NIMBY 3 letters NOT
Assoc. 3 letters ORG
Inventor Howe 5 letters ELIAS
Book-lined room 7 letters LIBRARY
Lake bird 4 letters LOON
The Cowboys on a scoreboard 3 letters DAL
Buffalo’s county 4 letters ERIE
Established 7 letters FOUNDED
Pretend 5 letters FEIGN
That hurts! 3 letters YOW
Sheesh! 3 letters MAN
Gooey treat 5 letters FUDGE
Humorist 3 letters WIT
Mauna — 3 letters KEA
Twistable cookie 4 letters OREO
Mensches 8 letters NICEGUYS
Taj Mahal site 4 letters AGRA
Melody 3 letters AIR
Goofs 4 letters ERRS
Pre-Easter period 4 letters LENT
Conceit 3 letters EGO
Biblical garden 4 letters EDEN
Madcap 4 letters ZANY
Bassoon’s kin 4 letters OBOE
Rips off 4 letters ROBS
ISP giant 3 letters AOL
Washington Sound 5 letters PUGET
Snare 4 letters TRAP
Roker and Michaels 3 letters ALS
Bright running shoe color 9 letters NEONGREEN
Diner grub 4 letters EATS
Prado display 4 letters ARTE
Conspiracy 4 letters PLOT
Love god 4 letters EROS
Sphere 3 letters ORB
Barnyard beast 9 letters NANNYGOAT
Sesame product 3 letters OIL
Santa’s helper 3 letters ELF
Bathroom to a Brit 3 letters LOO
Debtor’s letters 3 letters IOU
Young fellow 3 letters LAD
Onassis nickname 3 letters ARI
Predetermine 3 letters RIG
Longing 3 letters YEN
Morning moisture 3 letters DEW
Female hare 3 letters DOE
Kismet 4 letters FATE
Itty-bitty 5 letters MICRO
Baby horse 4 letters FOAL
Incite 4 letters URGE
Wild actress Laura 4 letters DERN
Kristen of Bridesmaids 4 letters WIIG
Kirkuk native 4 letters KURD
Literary Jane 4 letters EYRE
Professional gp. 4 letters ASSN
Scot’s denial 3 letters NAE

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