Eugene Sheffer Crossword June 7 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword June 7 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword June 7 2024 Answers:

Granola morsel 3 letters OAT
Poodle’s name in cartoons 4 letters FIFI
Asset 4 letters PLUS
Nipper’s co. 3 letters RCA
Be that — may … 4 letters ASIT
Cracker name 4 letters RITZ
Poison remedy 8 letters ANTIDOTE
Cruising 4 letters ASEA
Persevere 6 letters LEANIN
Hit hard 3 letters RAM
French article 3 letters UNE
Missing 6 letters ABSENT
Parsley piece 5 letters SPRIG
Business mag 3 letters INC
Actress Ruby 3 letters DEE
Sulk 4 letters POUT
Astern 3 letters AFT
Goalie’s goal 4 letters SAVE
Foreman foe 3 letters ALI
Connections 3 letters INS
Sportscaster Rashad 5 letters AHMAD
Like skim milk 6 letters NONFAT
Roman 401 3 letters CDI
Blackbird 3 letters ANI
New staffers 6 letters HIREES
Activist Brockovich 4 letters ERIN
One-fourth of a circle 8 letters QUADRANT
Monarch 4 letters KING
Celestial bear 4 letters URSA
FDR project 3 letters TVA
Pantheon members 4 letters GODS
Stately trees 4 letters ELMS
Wd. from Roget 3 letters SYN
Spoken 4 letters ORAL
Teen’s woe 4 letters ACNE
Toodle-oo! 4 letters TATA
Getting tired 6 letters FADING
This — for the record books! 5 letters ISONE
In shape 3 letters FIT
Recurring 7 letters ITERANT
Baby carriages 5 letters PRAMS
Fleur-de- — 3 letters LIS
Multipurpose truck 3 letters UTE
Nobody Gets Me singer 3 letters SZA
Arctic native 5 letters INUIT
Jackson 5 hit song 3 letters ABC
Wax-coated cheese 4 letters EDAM
Saint Petersburg’s river 4 letters NEVA
Ticked (off) 4 letters TEED
Bridge 4 letters SPAN
Casual shirt 4 letters POLO
Botch up 4 letters RUIN
Conditions 3 letters IFS
It’s nothing new 7 letters ANTIQUE
Bake eggs 5 letters SHIRR
McKellen of Richard III 3 letters IAN
Nike rival 6 letters ADIDAS
Vampire’s teeth 5 letters FANGS
Deep gorge 5 letters CHASM
Vittles 4 letters EATS
Jealousy 4 letters ENVY
Jazz legend Getz 4 letters STAN
Heart chart (Abbr.) 3 letters EKG
Carnival city 3 letters RIO
Ky. neighbor 3 letters IND

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