Eugene Sheffer Crossword June 10 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword June 10 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword June 10 2024 Answers:

Hunny bear 4 letters POOH
Telly network 3 letters BBC
Hindu deity 4 letters RAMA
Roof edge 4 letters EAVE
Football filler 3 letters AIR
Yale students 4 letters ELIS
Curds’ partner 4 letters WHEY
Capone’s nickname 8 letters SCARFACE
Cherry-topped treat 6 letters SUNDAE
Old British coin 6 letters GUINEA
Priests’ garments 4 letters ALBS
JFK info 3 letters ETA
Youthful countenance 8 letters BABYFACE
Thick chunk 4 letters SLAB
Wall St. debut 3 letters IPO
Fake name 5 letters ALIAS
Parched 3 letters DRY
Arrears 4 letters DEBT
Be embarrassed 8 letters LOSEFACE
Abysmal 3 letters BAD
Songwriter Laura 4 letters NYRO
Fashions 6 letters STYLES
Uncommon thing 6 letters RARITY
Book design choice 8 letters TYPEFACE
One of HOMES 4 letters ERIE
Hibernia 4 letters ERIN
Dean’s list stat 3 letters GPA
Diving duck 4 letters SMEW
Refuses to 4 letters WONT
Blue 3 letters SAD
Old salts 4 letters TARS
Church furniture 4 letters PEWS
Pearl Harbor site 4 letters OAHU
Pizza cooker 4 letters OVEN
Time of prosperity 6 letters HEYDAY
The National Pastime 8 letters BASEBALL
Pen name 3 letters BIC
Rocky outcrop 4 letters CRAG
Equips anew 6 letters REFITS
M*A*S*H star 8 letters ALANALDA
Rats’ kin 4 letters MICE
Cruising 4 letters ASEA
Regret 3 letters RUE
— Romeo 4 letters ALFA
Offspring 5 letters SCION
Auction action 3 letters BID
Mimic 3 letters APE
Hair accessory 8 letters BOBBYPIN
Beach paperback often 8 letters EASYREAD
Curved line 3 letters ARC
Adios! 3 letters BYE
Antitoxins 4 letters SERA
Natural gift 6 letters TALENT
Woodland 6 letters FOREST
Dict. info 3 letters DEF
Hearty dish 4 letters STEW
Beginner 4 letters TYRO
Droops 4 letters SAGS
Cookbook legend Rombauer 4 letters IRMA
Wedding cake layer 4 letters TIER
Evergreens 4 letters YEWS

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