Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 30 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 30 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 30 2024 Answers:

Pundit’s piece 4 letters OPED
Booty 4 letters LOOT
JFK’s veep 3 letters LBJ
Docile 4 letters TAME
Actress Jessica 4 letters ALBA
Motorist’s org. 3 letters AAA
Richly upholstered seat 9 letters CLUBCHAIR
PC port 3 letters USB
Sod 4 letters TURF
Stable moms 5 letters MARES
Regarding 5 letters ASFOR
London gallery 4 letters TATE
Deceitful person 4 letters LIAR
Action film staple 8 letters CARCHASE
Football’s Manning 3 letters ELI
Mumbai dresses 5 letters SARIS
Make lace 3 letters TAT
Crunchy party snack 8 letters CORNCHIP
Test version 4 letters BETA
Benefit 4 letters BOON
Valentine’s gift 5 letters ROSES
Discover 5 letters LEARN
Scram! 4 letters SHOO
Objectivist Rand 3 letters AYN
High-ranking magazine employee 9 letters COPYCHIEF
Annoy 3 letters IRK
Grade sch. 4 letters ELEM
Hotel chain 4 letters OMNI
In medias — 3 letters RES
Stitched 4 letters SEWN
Frank 4 letters OPEN
Non-Rx 3 letters OTC
Chum 3 letters PAL
Big bird of Australia 3 letters EMU
Borrower 6 letters DEBTOR
Oz cast member 4 letters LAHR
Norwegian saint 4 letters OLAF
Kimono sash 3 letters OBI
Airport areas 7 letters TARMACS
Nobel Prize winners 9 letters LAUREATES
Pyramid part 4 letters BASE
Pokes 4 letters JABS
Mangy mutt 3 letters CUR
Sports fig. 3 letters ATH
Sir Guinness 4 letters ALEC
Missile shelter 4 letters SILO
Alaskan city 9 letters FAIRBANKS
Journey 4 letters TRIP
Let It Snow lyricist 4 letters CAHN
NPR’s Shapiro 3 letters ARI
Fill fully 4 letters SATE
Some JFK guesses 4 letters ETAS
Candle holders 7 letters SCONCES
Neither here — there 3 letters NOR
Sobbing sound 6 letters BOOHOO
Sinbad’s bird 3 letters ROC
Hideaway 4 letters LAIR
Literary Jane 4 letters EYRE
Gush 4 letters SPEW
Church song 4 letters HYMN
Yucatan Bravo! 3 letters OLE
Little rascal 3 letters IMP
Away from WSW 3 letters ENE

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