Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 17 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 17 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 17 2024 Answers:

Halloween greeting 3 letters BOO
Presidential helper 4 letters AIDE
Piercing tool 3 letters AWL
Body part that appears while sitting 3 letters LAP
Soccer score 4 letters GOAL
Eeyore’s friend 4 letters POOH
*Curly and company 14 letters THEFOURSTOOGES
Why not! 4 letters SURE
Girl on Fire singer Alicia 4 letters KEYS
Leave the stage 4 letters EXIT
Dutch cheese 4 letters EDAM
Grp. that meets after school 3 letters PTA
Detergent brand 3 letters ERA
___ for (pick) 3 letters OPT
*Brick band 11 letters BENFOLDSSIX
Orthodontic device 8 letters RETAINER
___ Claire Wisconsin 3 letters EAU
Traffic tangle 5 letters SNARL
Beehives e.g. 3 letters DOS
Chicken motions 5 letters PECKS
Sch. for chefs or a secretive org. 3 letters CIA
40s menswear item 8 letters ZOOTSUIT
*Home of the Slurpee 11 letters EIGHTTWELVE
Flightless bird 3 letters EMU
Soup with a Hanoi style 3 letters PHO
Affirmative vote 3 letters YEA
Newspaper section that covers movies 4 letters ARTS
Tiny bit 4 letters IOTA
___ She Lovely 4 letters ISNT
It has a nucleus 4 letters ATOM
Not as good anymore … or what the answers to the starred clues have become? 14 letters PASTTHEIRPRIME
Holier-than-___ 4 letters THOU
1985 whodunit named for a board game 4 letters CLUE
Christiane Amanpour’s station 3 letters CNN
Uh-huh 3 letters YEP
Word with a promise or a secret 4 letters KEEP
Baby goat 3 letters KID
Crispy sandwiches briefly 4 letters BLTS
Home to Pearl Harbor 4 letters OAHU
One of Gilbert and Sullivan’s 14 8 letters OPERETTA
Give it ___ (try) 3 letters AGO
Promissory note 3 letters IOU
Like a theater that isn’t in use 4 letters DARK
Otherwise 4 letters ELSE
Judas was a traitorous one 7 letters APOSTLE
Court romantically 3 letters WOO
Theater box 4 letters LOGE
Curses 5 letters HEXES
Gave some chow to 3 letters FED
Error in a text 4 letters TYPO
Apple assistant 4 letters SIRI
Price add-on 3 letters TAX
Superhero’s power 7 letters ABILITY
All the President’s ___ 3 letters MEN
What an American might need to shave in Europe 7 letters ADAPTER
Surgery sites: Abbr. 3 letters ORS
Ballpoint ___ 3 letters PEN
Name that’s a lair backward 3 letters NED
Suddenly stood still 5 letters FROZE
Hauls into court 4 letters SUES
St. Louis has a big one 4 letters ARCH
Sun in Seville 3 letters SOL
Tool for breaking? 8 letters CUESTICK
___ Stanley Robinson (sci-fi author) 3 letters KIM
Alphabet trio that’s also a name 3 letters STU
Believed the whole story 7 letters ATEITUP
Eggs 3 letters OVA
Prefix with -center 3 letters EPI
Home of the Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity 4 letters IHOP
Dropped hints about 5 letters GOTAT
Scrub down 4 letters WASH
Black goo 3 letters TAR
Like volcanic air 4 letters ASHY
Where an Adam’s apple is 4 letters NECK
Mosaic element 4 letters TILE
Luxury hotel chain 4 letters OMNI
Fix up 4 letters MEND
Low digit 3 letters TOE
McClanahan of The Golden Girls 3 letters RUE
Vim 3 letters PEP

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