Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 10 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 10 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 10 2024 Answers:

Edge 4 letters BRIM
Garden area 3 letters BED
Les États- — 4 letters UNIS
Mine find 4 letters LODE
Ginger — 3 letters ALE
Shipshape 4 letters TIDY
Log-on need 8 letters USERNAME
PC picture 4 letters ICON
Road curves 5 letters ESSES
Predicament 6 letters PICKLE
Research sites 4 letters LABS
Author Brown 3 letters DAN
Actress Liu 4 letters LUCY
Church area 4 letters APSE
The Joy Luck Club author Tan 3 letters AMY
Equal (Pref.) 3 letters ISO
Sasha or Malia 5 letters OBAMA
Soviet space station 3 letters MIR
Pop 3 letters DAD
Andean land 4 letters PERU
Coop group 4 letters HENS
Compass dir. 3 letters ENE
Sicilian spouter 4 letters ETNA
New York tribe 6 letters SENECA
Egypt’s Sadat 5 letters ANWAR
Serb or Croat 4 letters SLAV
Label on a folder 8 letters FILENAME
Marathoner’s stat 4 letters TIME
Shock partner 3 letters AWE
Battery fluid 4 letters ACID
Crystal gazer 4 letters SEER
Scepter 3 letters ROD
Bonanza son 4 letters HOSS
A primary color 4 letters BLUE
Historic flag maker 4 letters ROSS
Mid-month date 4 letters IDES
Just 6 letters MERELY
Sheep call 3 letters BAA
Shade tree 3 letters ELM
Profound 4 letters DEEP
City near Syracuse 5 letters UTICA
Honest Abe or Old Hickory 8 letters NICKNAME
Teen fave 4 letters IDOL
Auld Lang — 4 letters SYNE
Intelligence org. 3 letters NSA
Concept 4 letters IDEA
Innocent one 4 letters BABE
Extra 5 letters SPARE
Cover 3 letters LID
Olympics chant 3 letters USA
Spy’s moniker 8 letters CODENAME
Lewd material 4 letters SMUT
Hr. fraction 3 letters MIN
Decade parts (Abbr.) 3 letters YRS
Oil cartel 4 letters OPEC
Splash star Daryl 6 letters HANNAH
Forget it! 5 letters NEVER
Dundee denial 3 letters NAE
Bygone fleet 4 letters SSTS
Writer Wiesel 4 letters ELIE
Miles away 4 letters AFAR
Texas city 4 letters WACO
Lucky Jim author 4 letters AMIS
Cincinnati team 4 letters REDS
— Jima 3 letters IWO

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