Eugene Sheffer Crossword February 29 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword February 29 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword February 29 2024 Answers:

Tall tree 3 letters FIR
Wan 4 letters ASHY
Sports group 4 letters TEAM
Pub brew 3 letters ALE
Party cheese 4 letters BRIE
Waffle brand 4 letters EGGO
Self-disqualifications 8 letters RECUSALS
Manhandle 4 letters MAUL
Tempe sch. 3 letters ASU
February 29 7 letters LEAPDAY
Stately homes 6 letters MANORS
NBC show since 1975 3 letters SNL
Flight stat 3 letters ALT
Lion actor Patel 3 letters DEV
— firma 5 letters TERRA
Help a robber 4 letters ABET
Bit of advice 3 letters TIP
Beholds 4 letters SEES
Sierra — 5 letters MADRE
PC alternative 3 letters MAC
Tax prep pro 3 letters CPA
Ostrich’s kin 3 letters EMU
Whipped cream serving 6 letters DOLLOP
Guest of a guest 7 letters PLUSONE
Botanist Gray 3 letters ASA
Has a cold 4 letters AILS
New enlistees 8 letters RECRUITS
Glazier’s sheet 4 letters PANE
Nest egg choices 4 letters IRAS
Chinese chairman 3 letters MAO
Latin I word 4 letters AMAS
Author Vidal 4 letters GORE
Kinsey study 3 letters SEX
Distant 3 letters FAR
Land in la mer 3 letters ILE
Took back 8 letters RECANTED
Ridiculous 6 letters ABSURD
Span. lady 3 letters SRA
Mound 4 letters HILL
Affirmatives 5 letters YESES
Synagogues 7 letters TEMPLES
Zounds! 4 letters EGAD
Water to Juan 4 letters AGUA
Holy — 4 letters MOLY
GI entertainers 3 letters USO
Busy insect 3 letters ANT
Sir’s partner 4 letters MAAM
Jessica of Dark Angel 4 letters ALBA
Matching pair 3 letters SET
Energy 3 letters VIM
Captures again 8 letters RECLAIMS
Seized wheels 4 letters REPO
Now in a memo 4 letters ASAP
Long locks 7 letters TRESSES
Knee protector 3 letters PAD
Comic Philips 3 letters EMO
Sandpaper type 6 letters COARSE
Strip as a ship 5 letters UNRIG
Baton Rouge sch. 3 letters LSU
Mama’s mate 4 letters PAPA
Actor Hemsworth 4 letters LIAM
Forearm bone 4 letters ULNA
Architect Saarinen 4 letters EERO
Lot sight 3 letters CAR
Inventor’s monogram 3 letters TAE

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