Eugene Sheffer Crossword February 26 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword February 26 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword February 26 2024 Answers:

Muscat’s land 4 letters OMAN
Rainbow shape 3 letters ARC
Shark variety 4 letters MAKO
Shawnee chief and military leader 8 letters TECUMSEH
— incline (tilted) 4 letters ONAN
Magnetism 8 letters CHARISMA
Rent 4 letters TORE
Retired jet 3 letters SST
Horned beasts 6 letters RHINOS
Haystacks painter 5 letters MONET
End-of-week letters 4 letters TGIF
God of war 4 letters ARES
Area of London 7 letters CHELSEA
Bubble — 3 letters TEA
Boorish person 5 letters CHURL
By means of 3 letters VIA
Elaborate meals 7 letters SPREADS
Flex 4 letters BEND
— fair in … 4 letters ALLS
Dessert wines 5 letters PORTS
Swiss cereal 6 letters MUESLI
Joke 3 letters GAG
Symphonic gp. 4 letters ORCH
Murals by Russian artist Marc 8 letters CHAGALLS
Villa d’— 4 letters ESTE
Diners and bistros e.g. 8 letters EATERIES
Art colony in New Mexico 4 letters TAOS
—/her/hers 3 letters SHE
Head to Henri 4 letters TETE
Like aspirin briefly 3 letters OTC
Whatever 3 letters MEH
Obamacare initialism 3 letters ACA
Sips slowly 6 letters NURSES
CEO’s aide 4 letters ASST
Sleep phenom 3 letters REM
Battery rejuvenators 8 letters CHARGERS
Themes 6 letters MOTIFS
Soon poetically 4 letters ANON
Corn syrup brand 4 letters KARO
Snake eyes in Vegas 4 letters ONES
Fine spray 4 letters MIST
Mound 4 letters HILL
Wrestling surface 3 letters MAT
Raw minerals 4 letters ORES
Tide type 4 letters NEAP
Fall sounds 5 letters THUDS
Large goblets 8 letters CHALICES
Always 4 letters EVER
If it — broke … 4 letters AINT
Honeycomb division 4 letters CELL
Billboards 3 letters ADS
Skin problems 6 letters RASHES
Casablanca star 6 letters BOGART
Senate aide 4 letters PAGE
Champagne brand 4 letters MOET
Celestial bear 4 letters URSA
Outside (Pref.) 4 letters ECTO
Portal 4 letters GATE
Taunting laugh 3 letters HAH
Fib 3 letters LIE
Rent out 3 letters LET

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