Eugene Sheffer Crossword December 1 2023 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword December 1 2023 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword December 1 2023 Answers:

Armed conflict 3 letters WAR
Be slack-jawed 4 letters GAPE
Akron’s state 4 letters OHIO
Land in la mer 3 letters ILE
Mob scene 4 letters RIOT
Shaving mishap 4 letters NICK
Coffee-flavored liqueur 8 letters TIAMARIA
Beagle’s bane 4 letters FLEA
Ethel’s pal on old TV 4 letters LUCY
Choreographer Alvin 5 letters AILEY
Sheriff’s star 5 letters BADGE
Bridge fee 4 letters TOLL
Pub orders 4 letters ALES
Cheesy diner favorite 8 letters TUNAMELT
Irish actor Stephen 3 letters REA
Big books 5 letters TOMES
PBS funder 3 letters NEA
Song by Etta James 8 letters TELLMAMA
Prudish 4 letters PRIM
— Godiva 4 letters LADY
Inventor Howe 5 letters ELIAS
Senate broadcaster 5 letters CSPAN
Sir Guinness 4 letters ALEC
Throat clearer 4 letters AHEM
Agra landmark 8 letters TAJMAHAL
Country singer Evans 4 letters SARA
Tart fruit 4 letters SLOE
Prefix with center 3 letters EPI
Band boosters 4 letters AMPS
Shortened wd. 4 letters ABBR
Lion’s home 3 letters DEN
Humorist 3 letters WIT
Boxer Laila 3 letters ALI
Genuine with the 8 letters REALDEAL
Dinner prayer 5 letters GRACE
Ethereal 4 letters AIRY
Luau dish 3 letters POI
Greek vowel 3 letters ETA
Videotaped 6 letters ONFILM
Mound 4 letters HILL
Frozen drink brand 4 letters ICEE
Fine 4 letters OKAY
Coffee cups 4 letters MUGS
Regrettably 4 letters ALAS
Lisa’s brother 4 letters BART
Out of the storm 4 letters ALEE
Kid’s belly 5 letters TUMMY
Draft status 4 letters ONEA
Frog’s kin 4 letters TOAD
Fortified 8 letters ENRICHED
Star Wars royal 4 letters LEIA
Highland hats 4 letters TAMS
Eliot Ness e.g. 4 letters TMAN
Andean critters 6 letters LLAMAS
Entreaty 4 letters PLEA
Fudd of cartoons 5 letters ELMER
Juanita’s home 4 letters CASA
Counterfeit 4 letters SHAM
Criminal to cops 4 letters PERP
This is — for Superman! 4 letters AJOB
Airport org. 3 letters TSA
Cleric’s garment 3 letters ALB
Gorilla 3 letters APE

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