Eugene Sheffer Crossword April 30 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword April 30 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword April 30 2024 Answers:

Disposition 4 letters MOOD
Swindle 3 letters CON
Firecracker part 4 letters FUSE
Arias for one 4 letters SOLI
Fish story 3 letters LIE
Awestruck 4 letters AGOG
Ends a winning streak 8 letters GOESCOLD
Online journal 4 letters BLOG
Biker’s Harley slangily 3 letters HOG
Uncommon thing 6 letters RARITY
Donnybrook 5 letters MELEE
Asian desert 4 letters GOBI
Experts 4 letters ACES
It’s all good between us 8 letters WERECOOL
Hot temper 3 letters IRE
Doctrine 5 letters TENET
Genetic stuff 3 letters DNA
Halfhearted 8 letters LUKEWARM
Quick look 4 letters PEEK
Grow weary 4 letters TIRE
Stage 5 letters PHASE
Big shot 6 letters KAHUNA
Earth (Pref.) 3 letters GEO
Starring role 4 letters LEAD
Glowing from intense heat 8 letters WHITEHOT
Incite 4 letters URGE
Calendar abbr. 3 letters AUG
Curse 4 letters BANE
Spanish — 4 letters MOSS
Of course 3 letters YES
Thames town 4 letters ETON
Food additive 3 letters MSG
Tic-tac-toe win 3 letters OOO
Flamenco cheer 3 letters OLE
Menus listings 6 letters DISHES
Drain blockage 4 letters CLOG
Squeak stopper 3 letters OIL
Santa Fe Songs com-poser 8 letters NEDROREM
Silk or satin e.g. 6 letters FABRIC
Wrinkled fruit 4 letters UGLI
Chimney buildup 4 letters SOOT
Like custard 4 letters EGGY
Iowa college 3 letters COE
Help a robber 4 letters ABET
Postal delivery 4 letters MAIL
Beige 4 letters ECRU
Onion’s kin 4 letters LEEK
Music category 5 letters GENRE
Erode 8 letters WEARAWAY
Classic theaters 4 letters ODEA
Small bills 4 letters ONES
Huron for one 4 letters LAKE
Clone 4 letters TWIN
Chopin works 6 letters ETUDES
Friends role 6 letters PHOEBE
Favorite 3 letters PET
Model Heidi 4 letters KLUM
Sleek in car lingo 4 letters AERO
Crones 4 letters HAGS
Musician’s jobs 4 letters GIGS
Coloration 3 letters HUE
Bowler e.g. 3 letters HAT
Music’s Yoko 3 letters ONO

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