Eugene Sheffer Crossword April 3 2024 Answers

If you are searching for: Eugene Sheffer Crossword April 3 2024 Answers. CrossWord Puzzles are a fun educational toy that challenges young minds, teaching and preparing some very important life skills. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day.

Eugene Sheffer Crossword April 3 2024 Answers:

Small fruit pie 4 letters TART
Moving truck 3 letters VAN
French cleric 4 letters ABBE
Sad to say … 4 letters ALAS
— -de-France 3 letters ILE
Repast 4 letters MEAL
Route for cyclists 8 letters BIKEPATH
Annoys 4 letters IRKS
Handle 5 letters SEETO
Amen to that! 6 letters IAGREE
Leftovers recipe 4 letters STEW
Lad 3 letters BOY
Garage job 4 letters LUBE
Bath powder 4 letters TALC
Remit 3 letters PAY
Greek vowel 3 letters ETA
Lairs for bears 5 letters CAVES
Tennis great Swiatek 3 letters IGA
Actor Danson 3 letters TED
Fashion’s Cassini 4 letters OLEG
Nerd’s kin 4 letters GEEK
Capita lead-in 3 letters PER
Nitwit 4 letters DODO
Bowler’s goal 6 letters STRIKE
Orange variety 5 letters OSAGE
Secondhand 4 letters USED
Bartlett alternative 8 letters BOSCPEAR
Misplace 4 letters LOSE
Jungfrau e.g. 3 letters ALP
Messes up 4 letters ERRS
Cold War initials 4 letters USSR
Verily 3 letters YEA
Earring site 4 letters LOBE
Bar bills 4 letters TABS
I cannot tell — 4 letters ALIE
Croupier’s tool 4 letters RAKE
Dangerous fly 6 letters TSETSE
By way of 3 letters VIA
Flight stat 3 letters ALT
Classic soda brand 4 letters NEHI
Pedro’s pal 5 letters AMIGO
Fruity picnic dessert 8 letters BERRYPIE
Use the oven 4 letters BAKE
Differently 4 letters ELSE
Soup cooker 3 letters POT
Grade school basics 4 letters ABCS
And others (Lat.) 4 letters ETAL
Signaled Hi! 5 letters WAVED
Permit 3 letters LET
Multipurpose truck 3 letters UTE
Harmful publicity 8 letters BADPRESS
Toy block name 4 letters LEGO
Mature 3 letters AGE
Tibetan beast 3 letters YAK
Bottle stopper 4 letters CORK
Grammy category 6 letters GOSPEL
Duck down 5 letters EIDER
Elmer to Bugs 3 letters DOC
Star Trek helmsman 4 letters SULU
General — Chicken 4 letters TSOS
Online auction site 4 letters EBAY
Saab model 4 letters AERO
Attire 4 letters GARB
Gaelic 4 letters ERSE
Flamenco cheer 3 letters OLE

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