Crossword Champ Pro January 15 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro January 15 2022 Answers. Every day 3 new crossword puzzles are published at the App Crossword Champ. As we know, most of them are really hard to solve, thats why we are publishing here the whole solution for this daily crossword. Have fun and enjoy your time by playing such great puzzles.

Crossword Champ Pro January 15 2022 Answers:

___-Seltzer (brand of antacid) 4 Letters ALKA
Much spam 3 Letters ADS
Denebola’s constellation 3 Letters LEO
Singer Starr 3 Letters KAY
With separate menu prices 8 Letters ALACARTE
It in Rome 4 Letters ESSA
Violinist Zimbalist 5 Letters EFREM
Slattern 4 Letters SLUS
Prefix with pend or pension 3 Letters SUS
Photo(W___tcoat) 3 Letters AIS
Pubs 4 Letters INNS
Drink 6 Letters IMBIBE
Opposite of paleo- 3 Letters NEO
Utmost degree 3 Letters NTH
HBO rival 3 Letters SHO
They do it often in Vegas 4 Letters DEAL
Liquid 5 Letters FLUID
Amount or quantity of a medicine 4 Letters DOSE
___ lab 4 Letters METH
Photo(Protein-rich bean) 4 Letters SOYA
___-Japanese War 5 v RUSSO
Unconventional and hippielike informally 4 Letters BOHO
Mediocre grades 4 Letters CEES
Trick ending 3 Letters ERY
Indian title of respect (Mr) 3 Letters SRI
What’s left in Le Mans 5 Letters RESTE
Take weapons from 6 Letters DISARM
in excelsis ___ 3 Letters DEO
Ltd relative 3 Letters INC
Hollywood hopeful 7 Letters STARLET
Not a serf 8 Letters FREEBORN
Andy Capp’s wife 3 Letters FLO
Rouse again 6 Letters REWAKE
Dragonflies 7 Letters ODONATA
Stool pigeon 3 Letters RAT
Compass pt 3 Letters NNE
Contest effort 5 Letters ENTRY
Bass for one 3 Letters ALE
Attractiveness 6 Letters ALLURE
Portable covered chair 5 Letters SEDAN
One ___: kids’ ball game 4 Letters OCAT
Screw up 6 Letters BLOWIT
High school class for short 3 Letters BIO
___ Wed (2007 Erica Durance movie) 3 Letters IME
Taxonomic suffix 3 Letters OTE
Eliminate more squeaks 5 Letters REOIL
City on the Penobscot 5 Letters ORONO
You make ___ cup of coffee! 5 Letters AMEAN
Provoker 8 Letters AGITATOR
1960s chess champ Mikhail 3 Letters TAL
James Clavell best seller ___-Pan 3 Letters TAI
Prince Valiant’s son 3 Letters ARN
Golden Globe winner for The Wrestler 6 Letters ROURKE
Very cool 3 Letters RAD
Greek earth goddess: Var 4 Letters GAIA
Hairy Addams Family cousin 3 Letters ITT
Sailor’s yes 3 Letters AYE
Am not rebuttal 5 Letters ARESO
Part of a pie chart 6 Letters SECTOR
Distinctive ambiences: au___ 3 Letters RAE
Simple song 5 Letters DITTY
Novelist John ___ Passos 3 Letters DOS
Future spouse informally 8 Letters INTENDED
Banish to Hades 4 Letters DOOM
write down 6 Letters NOTATE
Photo(Impulse transmitter) 5 Letters NERVE
Whisper sweet nothings 3 Letters COO
___ Verde National Park 4 Letters MESA
Citi Field players 4 Letters METS
Smudge 4 Letters BLOT
Pre-AD 3 Letters BCE
Escape 3 Letters LAM
Uncover poetically 3 Letters OPE
More anile 5 Letters OLDER
Italian river 3 Letters LAO
Degree of a dentist (abbr) 3 Letters DDS
Kipling’s Rikki-Tikki-___ 4 Letters TAVI
Light bluish-green color: j___ 3 Letters ADE
Letters on some remotes 3 Letters VOL
Tax agency (abbr) 3 Letters IRS
Guitarist’s fastening device 4 Letters CAPO
Fox comedy series 5 Letters MADTV
Bad smell 4 Letters ODOR
Part of EMS: Abbr 4 Letters EMER
He is p__ssive about her 4 Letters OSSE
Elec units 4 Letters RELS

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