Crossword Champ Pro August 17 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro August 17 2022 Answers. Every day 3 new crossword puzzles are published at the App Crossword Champ. As we know, most of them are really hard to solve, thats why we are publishing here the whole solution for this daily crossword. Have fun and enjoy your time by playing such great puzzles.

Crossword Champ Pro August 17 2022 Answers:

Computer monitor component often CRT
Gator relatives CROCS
Second chance for couch potatoes RERUN
One of the senses TASTE
Pres Madison or Monroe JAS
Employment JOB
Walt Disney World’s ___ Lagoon APO
Spanish women SENORAS
Software phase that may be buggy BETA
___ constrictor BOA
___ tu (Verdi aria) ERI
Anoint once ANELE
Michael Collins Stephen of REA
Easy gait LOPE
Eclipse phenomenon CORONA
Shake a leg! CMON
An apple ___ ADAY
Hosp areas ORS
Shade of black EBON
Interrupt CUTIN
___ a Rock (1966 hit) IAM
Sneaky little bugger OHO
Ad ___ committee HOC
Musical note from Guido ELA
Only man ever to win an LPGA Tour tournament (1962) SNEAD
Suffix for cyclo TRON
Formal accessories TIES
Rocker Glenn FREY
Sixth calendar col usually FRI
Lunatic MANIAC
Grape ___ NUTS
Pitcher’s stat ERA
Composer called a gymnopédiste ERIKSATIE
Lux was one of its charter members EEC
Literary monogram EAP
Do something the wrong way ERR
Sound surge CRESCENDO
Phish I get so overwhelmed by olfactory ___ HUES
Crunchy snack FRITOS
Penalty FINE
Spanish gold ORO
Vienna-to-Rome dir SSW
Schedule abbr ARR
Internet characters ATS
102 Roman CII
House pets CATS
Hesitant sounds ERS
Summer in France ETE
File companion RANK
Feeling of deep regret REMORSE
Chemicals giant DOW
Really can’t take DETEST
Tiny amount as of hair cream DAB
Before angle or cycle TRI
Behold to Pilate ECCE
Poet ___ St Vincent Millay EDNA
Bud competitor COORS
(Pinup’s assets) GAMS
UN agency promoting trade GATT
Thin as ___ ARAIL
Patriots’ Day month APRIL
The play music IPODS
Fancied LIKED
Mother of Bambi for one DOE
Blood letters ABO
Actress Hedren TIPPI
Like some yogurt NONFAT
Marsh MIRE
Reply to a question (Abbr) ANS
Botanical branches RAMI
___ Center (Chicago skyscraper) AON
O Sole ___ MIO
Korean soldier ROK
Mousseline de ___ (fabric) SOIE
Suffix with chlor- or fluor- IDE
Male offspring SONS
Music producer Brian ENO
Hallucination drug LSD

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